Thursday, September 30, 2010

Terrific Thursday with Madison Scott:)

Welcome! Please introduce yourself and tell us about your latest release.

Hi! I’m Madison Scott and I write erotic romance. My newest release is WILD, book one in my Nanny Diaries series. It’s about a shy nanny and her really sexy boss!

Have you ever had an idea for a story which scared you after you began writing it?

Wow, what a great question. No, I’ve never experienced it, but I can see how a writer would. Even though I don’t write about personal experiences I put so much into my stories emotionally that it can often be scary.

Have you incorporated actual events from your own life into your books?

Kind of. LOL. Little things like my husband is Italian so my first series written under the name Kelley Nyrae, I really wanted to incorporate some sexy Italian men. We’d just moved closer to his family and I was eating so much GREAT homemade Italian food that I decided the series would revolve around an Italian restaurant.

How much research do you do? Do you research first and then write, or do you write first, then research as needed?

Depends on the story. If research is needed, I always do it first. Sometimes it sneaks up on me, but even though I’m not a really deep plotter, I like to have the research out of the way first.

Is there any message you want readers to take from reading your work?

I just want women to know it’s okay to be sexy and to enjoy sex. And that we’re all worth love and you never know where you will find it!

Are you a plotter or a pantser? And have you ever had a story take on a life of its own?

I’m a little bit of both. I don’t do a lot of plotting, but I always have a basic idea and a few key scenes written down. From there I just write and see where the story takes me. That’s part of the fun!

How long did it take for you to be published?

Not too long, actually. It was weird how things kind of fell into place with me. My first book, Getting Lucky with Luciano was actually the first book I finished. I was able to pitch at a meeting for my RWA chapter and the rest is history! I did a lot of research though. I talk to people, joined groups, clubs, spent a lot of time online. It was all a learning process for me that I really enjoyed. I LOVED that book!

If you could go back and tell yourself anything when you first began your writing career, what would you say?

Don’t rush! LOL. Slow down a bit. Also, enjoy the ride!

Laptop or pen and ink? What are your ‘must-haves’ when writing?

Laptop for sure. I don’t have any must haves though. I have two young children at home so I have to be able to write anywhere any time.

Who are your favorite authors? Who would you say influenced you the most?

One of my definite favorites is Lacey Alexander/Toni Blake. I love all her books and she puts such emotion into them. I’m an emotionally reader and she always makes me feel so much. Especially in her erotic books. I love that mix of a smoking hot read, but also the depth of the emotions she can bring from me. Plus, she’s one of the nicest people I’ve met!

I also really look up to my fellow Wicked Writers Anne Rainey and Regina Carlysle. They’re both fantastic authors who work so hard. I want to be like them when I grow up ;) LOL:) I love Regina! I've only read one by Anne, but more of her work is on my TBB list!

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

Gah! That’s a hard one. I feel like I’m so boring. LOL. Um, I write YA too? LOL. I feel like I’m all over the place when it comes to the genres I enjoy writing.

For Fun:

Favorite drink?

Water… see boring?

Do you have any special Labor Day traditions?

Just spending time with my family. We usually bring the girls to the park and grill out.

McDonald’s or Burger King?

McDonalds all the way!

Thank you for being here today! Please tell us where we can find your books.

Thank you so much for having me! I really enjoyed it. You can always find me at my group author blog I also have a personal blog at All my current erotic romances are available from Liquid Silver Books. You can find them at

Newest release: Wild


Catrina Reynolds has a secret. By day, she cares for the daughter of her boss, Hunter James, but by night, she pens naughty fantasies about him in her journal. A man like Hunter, gorgeous, wealthy and confident would never return the affections of a sweet, mousy, nanny like Catrina, so when journaling is no longer enough, she's forced to act out her fantasies alone...

While his daughter is away for the weekend, Hunter plans to get to know his quiet, shy nanny. He senses there's more to the woman than meets the eye. When he stumbles upon her calling out his name while showering, he wants nothing more than to lure the wildcat out of her sugary, sweet shell.

Catrina and Hunter embark on a weekend of erotic fantasies all geared toward bringing out the naughty girl hiding inside her. But is there more between them than their sexual games? Will he make all her fantasies come to life?


Dear Diary,

Is it bad that I can't stop this burning desire inside for my employer? I not only work for the man, I care for his child, yet I can't stop myself from fantasizing about feeling him on top of me. I ache to feel him inside of me. The apex of my thighs throbs with a painful need as I write this; imagining how it would feel to have Mr. James' hands running up and down the slit of my ... I can't even write the word. What is wrong with me? How would my friends feel if they knew the dirty thoughts that plagued my mind? I have known these women my whole life. All we've ever had is each other, yet I'm risking Playful Nannies, what we've worked so hard to build, by coveting the man who trusts us enough to hire me to care for his child?

I have never, dare I say, lusted for a man like I do Mr. James. I remember the one experience I had with a man, but replace Roger's face with Hunter James'. I (I can't believe I'm even writing this), but I use my fingers and imagine them as his. This man with whom I live while caring for his daughter! The man whom I don't even call by his first name--except in my fantasies, or here, in my journal.

Hunter James. Writing his name sends pulses of desire straight to the apex of my thighs. I'm blushing while I write this! As if a man like Hunter James would ever want plain, homely Catrina Reynolds. Because truth be told, he's not only the most gorgeous man I've ever laid eyes on, but I feel there is more to him. I feel this connection with the man even though I can hardly bring myself to talk to him if it isn't in regards to his daughter. I don't understand it. But then, I guess that's why they're called feelings. They don't always have to be understood ... just felt...

But like I said, this is Hunter James and I'm just the plain Jane who takes care of his daughter.

For once I wish I wasn't Catrina. I long to be a sex kitten. A bold wildcat that can only be tamed by one Hunter James.

* * * *

Catrina ran a washcloth over the black marble countertop in Mr. James' kitchen for what had to be the fifth time in the past ten minutes. She'd already scrubbed the floors, cleaned the grout with an old toothbrush and ironed the curtains. She'd always been a bit anal, okay, maybe more than a bit, but today, she took that to extremes. The main point being, it wasn't even her job to do the deep cleaning around the house. Yes, she did the light, daily cleaning, but Mr. James had a housekeeper who came in once per week for the deep cleaning.

A housekeeper who just visited the day before.

Yet here she was, wiping down the counter like her life depended on it. Well, maybe not her life, but her sanity sure did. Why had she decided to stay home this weekend? She always had weekends off as Mr. James did, but this weekend she really had the weekend off. As in, his daughter was spending time with her grandparents, which left her alone in the house with her employer. Oh, and did she mention she happened to have a major crush on said boss?

If she couldn't handle being around the man without the threat of combustion when his child was present, how did she expect to do it when they had this big, empty house to themselves? A big, empty house with a plethora of bedrooms to choose from?

Catrina slapped her hand over her mouth. Good God! What was wrong with her lately? It's like she moved into the house and he cast some kind of sexual spell over her that made her completely turn into someone she wasn't. Someone who craved sex twenty-four hours a day with her very gorgeous, very out of her league, boss.

She glanced at the kitchen clock. He would be home any minute. Catrina looked down at her old cleaning t-shirt and the old, tattered blue jeans she'd had for years. No, she definitely wasn't Mr. James' type. She'd never seen him bring a woman home. She guessed because of his daughter, Ashley, but a man like Hunter James would only want fine china, and all she was is a plastic Barbie tea set.

So, that left her to her fantasies. Her very real, orgasm-inspiring fantasies, which all sounded very good right about now. Catrina put her cleaning supplies away and jogged up the staircase to her bedroom. She might as well stay in her room tonight anyway, she reasoned. If she didn't see him, she wouldn't risk showcasing her silly crush by drooling over the man. Mr. James never interrupted her when she was behind her closed bedroom door so she was sure to have the privacy she needed for her little--ritual.

Catrina went straight for the bathroom inside her room and turned the designer knobs in her oversized shower. She stripped out of her clothes before stepping inside and closing the clear doors with a light click. A layer of fog from the heat of the shower frosted the doors, giving her a sense of privacy. Not that she needed any more privacy than she already had. She was alone in her room. What more could she want? But then, she'd always been more the shy kitten than the wildcat of her recent dreams.

Like always, Catrina started with her hair, dropping her head backwards under the warm spray of the water, ignoring the tingling sensation of the spray as it splattered over her sensitive skin. She would give herself time for that in a minute. First, she needed to wash and then she would reward herself with a little play. Her naughty showers had become her secret indulgence--an incentive, one might say, for making it through her days of lustful thoughts without jumping her boss.

Here, in the privacy of these fog-frosted doors, she didn't have to be Catrina--sweet little nanny and the consummate caregiver she had been her whole life. It wasn't as if she didn't love what she did. Caring for people, kids especially, was the only thing she'd ever been good at, but in his room, she could pretend to be more. Here, she could give in to the hunger for Mr. James and wash it down the drain when she was finished.

Catrina filled her hand with her favorite, Sweet Vanilla Sugar shampoo, massaging her scalp before rinsing the creamy bubbles from her brunette locks. She used the same sweet scented body wash over every inch of her body.

As she stood under the heavy spray, Catrina palmed her breasts, rubbing and kneading as though the water alone couldn't rinse the soap from her body. They were heavy, already tingling in anticipation of her Hunter-induced play session. She alternated between heavy pulls and lighter caresses, all the while pretending the man who employed her was the one touching her. How would his hands feel rubbing her breasts like this? Would his hands be rough or gentle? She brushed one thumb over one of her nipples and pulled on the other.

Her body shuddered in ripples at the contrast between her hands and the added sensation of the warm water flowing down her body. Catrina's eyes fluttered closed. It took too much energy to keep them open when all she wanted to do was focus on her body and giving it the pleasure she craved from Hunter James. Oh God, even the man's name was hot. "Hunter ... oh yes, Hunter..." She couldn't call him that while working, but here, naked and fantasizing, he was Hunter to her.

"Please touch me, Hunter." As the words fell from her lips her eyes flew open. Catrina froze, listening for the sound she thought she'd heard just a second before. When no noise followed and the ache between her thighs multiplied with pulsing need, her eyes fell closed again. She needed this. No, she needed him, and this was the only way she'd have him.

Her cheeks burned with heat knowing what she would do next, what had become her ritual these past few weeks in the James household. She let her right hand slide down her body--over her breast, down her stomach, and let it settle at the thatch of hair between her shaking legs. This is your body. You can touch it whenever you want. No one will ever know. It always took a little bit of convincing for her to actually do the deed. After years of growing up with a conservative grandmother when her parents passed away, she'd always been raised to believe sex was ... dirty. More of a necessity rather than something that should be enjoyed.

And the Roger situation hadn't helped her in that department either. Not now, Catrina. Not here. Here, she could be the wildcat. Here she could tame Hunter James, and in turn, he would tame her as well.

She parted the lips of her sex and pushed a finger inside. "Hunter... I've wanted you to touch me like this for so long." The fantasy only worked if she completely turned herself over to him. Otherwise, she became too embarrassed and didn't reach that high of ecstasy she did if she made herself believe it was Hunter touching her. Hunter pushing his fingers in the wet channel between her thighs.

Catrina pulled her finger out before pushing it in again. Need pulled at her body. "More, Hunter, I need more." She pushed another finger inside, thrusting them in and out as she dreamed he would do. One hand played with her nipples, while the other teased her down below. Little bursts of pleasure popped in her belly. She felt so naughty, but God, was it nice. The water pelted her, her breasts tingled with each caress of her hand, and crux between her thighs throbbed as she pushed her fingers in deep.

"You make me wild, Hunter. Oh, God, I want to be wild for you. A wildcat." She felt wild right now. Like she was the type of woman who could have any man she wanted. Like she could take her pleasure however she wanted in any way she wanted. Her orgasm hit her quickly. Wave after wave of bliss washed over her as the one name that made this all possible tumbled from her mouth again. "Hunter!"


Linda Kage said...

I love that excerpt. Now I gotta know if Mr. James sees her doing this or not.

I've never read Lacey Alexander before. But now I think I'll have to try one of her stories.

It was so nice to meet you! Great interview.

Miranda Stowe said...

Sniff. Is that all the excerpt we get to read?? I want MORE!

Your story sounds awesome. Congrats on the release.

Madison Scott said...

Linda, Thanks! Glad you liked the excerpt.

Lacey is fantastic. You should definitely check her out!

Madison Scott said...

lol. Thanks! I'm being a tease, aren't I? ;)

The Mockingbird Book Emporium said...

I can't switch profiles, since I don't know the store's blogger password:)

But Madison has offered to give away a free copy of her book to a random commenter:)

So ladies, good luck!

Molly D

Regina Carlysle said...

Hi Ladies! What a great interview. You know, Madison, we have similar writing methods and similar tastes in what we like to read. I like to get research out of the way first because there's nothing worse than getting into the writing groove and having to stop to look something up. Just makes sense to do that first, I think. I'm a pantser too, using only bunches of notes and a pretty good idea of where I'm going!

Wonderful excerpt honey and THANKS for the kind words! Ya know I love you! And YOU TOO, Molly!

Anne Rainey said...

I LOVE this line: a man like Hunter James would only want fine china, and all she was is a plastic Barbie tea set.

Great interview and what a terrific excerpt! (by the way, folks, her YA stories are just as fantastic!)

Also, thanks for mentioning me :)

Madison Scott said...

More than just notes and I feel stuck. Its like I start to think I HAVE to stick to them and it makes it harder for me to write.

Madison Scott said...

LOL. Thanks! That was a favorite line of mine as well and it still makes me so happy that you love Sebastian so much!

Roxy said...

The book sounds amazing cannot wait to read it.

Madison Scott said...

Hi, Roxy! Thanks so much!

Ann M. said...

Man, that excerpt was a great tease. Now I wanna know what happened.

Great job, Madison!

Congrats, girlie!

Madison Scott said...

Thanks, Ann! Glad you liked it.

Lauren Fraser said...

Great excerpt. It sounds like a fun read. Congrats.

I enjoyed the interview.

flchen1 said...

Wow, Madison--that's a smokin' excerpt! So, what does Hunter think? ;)

Thanks for the terrific interview--it's always a pleasure to learn more about a favorite author!

Madison Scott said...

Thank you so much Lauren and Flchen!

Madison Scott said...

I drew a winner at random and it's Lauren fraser! Please email me at to collect your prize!

Tara said...

Great interview!!
That excerpt was such a teaser! I can't wait to read more- I know I'm gonna love this one :)

Anonymous said...

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