Friday, September 10, 2010

Flashback Friday

This month was full of ups and downs. I was beginning my freshman year of high school, although I was still technically at the junior high. I had also been rudely 'drafted' into our Senior High Youth Group at church, since I lived too far away to be 'kidnapped' like the other kids my age. And finally, the ultimate insult: I developed a slight crush on one of the older boys, only to have my hopes dashed two minutes after the thrill of sitting across the table from him at dinner. Turns out I had his name wrong, and confused him with his brother, which he did NOT appreciate.

I made two best friends this month. Robin, who shared my love of singing at school, and Christy, who commiserated with me on the loss of my crush. She's the one who urged me to accept the pool party invitation which ultimately changed my life.

One of the guys in our youth group had an in-ground pool, complete with slide and diving board. I had spent many hours in Jon's pool, with the exception of the last one. I had nearly been drowned when the inner tube we were sitting in flipped over, and I'd ended up under one of the heavier guys in the group. Nuff said.

Anyway, I'd learned to dive backwards over the summer, so I spent the majority of the time on the diving board. As a result, many of the guys became friendly when they noticed what I was doing, and asked me to coach them. "You make it look so easy!"

Afterward, one of the guys I'd been coaching caught up with me on the walk back to the church, and we discovered we had quite a bit in common. And I was startled to realize once I rejoined the girls, I had walked home with none other than the brother of my original crush. He was also a Senior, and unfortunately, when he again sought me out the next day, several other girls began shooting me dirty looks.

Christy was amazed when I told her what we'd talked about, and at school, I eagerly confided in Robin. Both friends cautioned me to be myself; after all, if he'd been willing to talk to me wearing only a one-piece bathing suit and no glasses, and still wanted to talk to me when dressed up, then this was a potential friendship worth keeping! I was also painfully conscious of the fact he was 17 and I was 14. And when I discovered he was in the Marching Band at school, I started attending all the home games, as well as begging my mother to take me with her to the Band competitions.

And another stroke of luck: I'd become friendly with his sister the year before, and when she ended up in my small group Bible study, she informed me he'd been asking about me, and in a good way.

I was thrilled!

It was also the month of September that I started writing more, due to my 1st period English class. I wrote my own version of the song 'One Tin Soldier' while in Study Hall, until I got the 'job' of assisting in the library during that hour.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....
is the GRAND OPENING of Mockingbird Book Emporium!!!!!

We open at 10am, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at noon. Praying the rain stays away until after the ceremony! Joe Schwartz, a St. Louis author, will be signing copies of his book, Black T-Shirt Stories from St. Louis from 1-6pm. I also have a birthday party to attend at 4:30; the SU has Adult Leadership Training for the Boy Scouts (W is a Tiger Cub) from 8-3pm, so W will probably be sent to his BFF's house until we pick him up for the party. Busy, busy day for everyone.

We're off to the stock-up store for staples today. Since I start working at the bookstore full time next week, the household dynamics will change slightly. Here's hoping he'll do more of the cooking!

Have a good weekend:)

September 11th....'Let's Roll!"-Todd Beamer
We Will Not Forget.


Linda Kage said...

Rain, rain, stay away from Mockingbird Emporium.

There, took care of that for you!

That would be so embarrassing to misname a crush. But I love how the story ended. Except now I want to hear more about this brother!! What happened to him?

Amber Skyze said...

You can't leave us hanging like that Molly! We need to know what happened to the brother.

Good luck with the store opening. I'll be wishing for the rain to stay away for you.

Molly Daniels said...

Hahahaha....tune in next month:) This is a continuing story, bwaaahhhaaa:)

Sandra Cox said...

Woo Hoo! Wishing ME all the best!