Monday, September 20, 2010


I slammed my finger in my van door last night and am having typing issues. So I'm going to try to keep this brief, as I've already had waaaaaaayyyy too many typos just writing these two sentences!

Working today; I've also got a sick kid at home, but Daddy can take care of him as well as I could. So no guilt.

Picture above is the latest addition to the family, Cheyenne. Daughter came home with her last Friday, and she's already claimed the couch and my bed as her favorite napping places. She's somewhat housebroken, to my immense relief, and has only had two minor altercations with Oreo. She loves kids and she and Roxie had an immediate bonding. Which, if you'll remember, is HUGE for Roxie; we've had her for one year now, and she used to be quite food-possessive. But now they eat out of each other's bowls, so all is well.

Kenzie's talking about do-over's today; go over and see if changing three moments in history would have affected her writing career. And tomorrow on the blog, I'll welcome author Jeanne St. James.

So maybe my finger will be better by Wednesday? And I'm praying I don't catch the intestinal bug which first swept through Mockingbird Book Emporium and is now affecting my youngest. He's currently lying on the couch, trash can, Kleenex, wash cloth, and sippy cup with water close by, and watching Oswald.

Happy Monday.


Unknown said...

Aawww, hope the little feels better soon and it stays away from mom.
The dog is adorable. You're so good taking in strays. I have no room at the inn, but we do have 3 dogs so... :)
Hope your finger heals quickly.

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) I had my misgivings when they arrived home from the Pet Port (S is volunteering her time for Community Service hours for Confirmation), but she is soooo sweet! It's like Sandra Cox's Cats of Catarou books; Lucky came back to us in form of this German Rot Bull:)

In case you missed it Amber: She looks like our Lucky (black body and melting brown eyes, but not the Lab muzzle; she's got somewhat of the Rotweiler head and ears) and German Shepherd Keisha (blonde feet, all four, and spotted tongue). And when she looks at you a certain way, you see just a trace of Pitt Bull.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Ouch! I am so with you, though. Fell chasing the puppy on wet grass yesterday and have been typing with sore wrist and elbow ever since!