Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's September? Here's the Reading Schedule:)

Where did the month of August go? It almost seems like yesterday I was learning the exciting news about Mockingbird Book Emporium; packing my oldest fledgling off to college; sending the youngling off to 1st grade...and now it's almost Labor Day.

First of all, the Reading Schedule:
Blood Bought (I'm on Ch 2)
Mahalia Levey's Merikano's Fury.


Stone and Sky-CSP (EC)

Single White Knight-Brynn Paulin (TEB)

Wings of the Raven-CSP (TEB)

Keeping It Interesting- Cheryl Dragon (TEB)

Circle of Wolves-Jacqueline Roth (CP)

Wicked Cool- Diane Farr (CP)


Poseiden’s Heart/Ares in Chains/Dancing w/Death-Diane Taylor ( 3

Summer Sizzle-Samantha Gentry (Cobblestone Press) (3) kindle????

The Walls of Jerico-Mary Suzanne (Kindle)


Sweet Redemption-Nicole Morgan ( or amazon) (3) kindle???

Alternative Treatment-Claire Thompson (Kindle) (4)

Betraying the Prince-Debra Kayn (Kindle)


I've been invited to participate on a Blog Talk Radio program about Emotional Abuse.

Here's the link:

It runs from 8-10pm EST. I've instructed the SU to take the kids and do something rare: An extended evening on a school night. I need peace and quiet in the house in order for my participation!

What's going on in YOUR world? Mine is currently in limbo, waiting for the Grand Opening of the bookstore. The only thing I've written in the past week, besides the blogs and emails, has been book titles!

Have a good day and come back tomorrow's interview with Indiana Author Liz Flaherty:)


Unknown said...

Have fun with the new bookstore. That's been one of my goals for a very long time. :)

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Amber:) Don't know what's going on with the wonky format on Blogger...tried to fix it many times until I gave up.