Monday, August 22, 2011

Bachelorette Party!

No; not mine.  A friend of mine is getting married in 2 weeks, and when I found out her bachelorette party was starting with a Temptations Party, I decided to crash it!

See, she and her friends are nearly my CK's age, so I wasn't 'officially' invited.  However, my friend BC was, so I tagged along with her and everyone was glad to see me.  I especially cracked them up when I informed "I may be older than all y'all, but when it comes to sex toys, I'm twelve."

Turns out several of the young ladies' mothers had given them vibrators for their eighteenth birthday....what did I get when I was 18?  Ummm......books, clothing, music, makeup....yeah, no sex toys.  I don't even know if I knew of their existence!

Anyway, fast-forward to the bar.  Somebody had brought along a card game, and when the first person who drew a card had to kiss someone, I prayed for leniency to Fate.  And it was granted; my first card I had to do a shot with a geek.  And since two guy friends had joined us, BC offered to be the geek.  I told her I only did shots of B-52; she opted for the tequila.  And once again, I had to inform the bartender what a B-52 is:
Grand Marnier Whiskey (very thin layer at top)

I downed mine in one gulp, earning cheers from the two guys at our table, and apparently earning myself some respect, as from that time on, I was included in the joking and high-fives!

My next card was to have a man sing a love song to me.  Karaoke hadn't started yet, so we tabled this one while we debated which song Nathaniel would sing to me.  I wanted Bryan Adams; BC wanted Dolly Parton; he wanted Randy Travis or some other song I'd never heard of.  And since he left before it was his turn, he promised to sing to me on Sept 8th, when he would next be in town.  'I'll sing eight of them to you."  Woo hoo!

Card #3 was to have the DJ play 'Wild Thing' and dance solo.  I declined this one, as it was time for me to leave at that moment and go pick up my daughter.

And my final card?  I had to have my friends pick a hot guy and dance with him!  I was disappointed in their choice, but the guy was a good sport about the whole thing!

So my first raunchy bachelorette party was a success, other than the fact I did not get to dance a great deal.

Why was this a big deal?  I didn't have a bachelorette party, and the two I attended for my best friends were on the tame side.  All we did was go to a bar and dance.  No raunchy sex talk or anything.  So yeah, I've led a sheltered life....

What was your favorite memories of bachelorette parties, either your own or friends'?

On The Agenda Today:
-Daughter is meeting with orthopedic surgeon (I'm not going to get my walk in; her appointment's at 8am!)
-I have a dental appointment (please, let there be NO cavities!!)
-Working on Ch 6 of LFAW.

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Linda Kage said...

sounds like a good time! congrats on getting to chapter 6.