Friday, August 12, 2011

Flashback Friday: New School

Aug 1981:
We'd come home from a three week vacation in Florida and Mom and I dove right into another week of intense band camp.  We began learning our field show, and I was informed I was an alternate, meaning I wouldn't be in the show, but would help put the props on the field.  I still had to learn the routines, in case of injury.  And somewhere during my three weeks off, something in my brain 'clicked', and I realized what I was doing wrong in the double-fast spins, and could now do them properly.  I also entertained the neighborhood kids by practicing the routines in our front yard, where there were no trees to grab my flag as I tossed it into the air.

I started my new high school with anticipation, and was relieved when several of my band mates were in some of my classes, so I relaxed a little.  And there was a total BABE in my 5th hour class who sat across the aisle from me.  He had All-American looks; he was at least six feet tall; blonde hair; nice eyes; an easy, engaging smile.  Instant tiny crush; after all, I was still 'in love' with D, who would be off to Purdue that fall, and I couldn't wait to see him again.

There was also a problem with my locker:  It refused to open.  I don't think I could get inside it for the first week, but thankfully I had my mom's office.  I remember one day she said to me, "Bruce said to tell you your locker WILL OPEN now...go try it!"

The second time through my fourth combination, the door came open! I didn't have to carry all my books around anymore!

Present Day:
Wishing like anything I could attend Def Leoppard/Heart concert with a few friends tonight!!!  But I know the spouse will throw a fit.

Happy Birthday Barbara Huffert!  And she has a new release out yesterday, so show her some love and go buy it here?

I'm off to do laundry.  Taking College Kid (CK) back to Purdue in the morning, and since tonight is his final night at work, guess who gets to make sure all his clothing is washed, dried, and packed?

As for BB....ooooooh, once I learned Brendan was the one doing battle with last night's evictee, I was REALLY hoping for a 'Brenchel' face I told my friend Trish last night, via FB, I may watch the rest of the season in 'Mute' mode...whenever 'Brenchel' is on camera....

Have a good weekend:)

PS:  Is it a bad sign when one's own MS puts her to sleep during edits?  Gah...happened again yesterday!  And I'm only on Ch 4!


Carol Preflatish said...

I could care less about seeing Def Leoppard, but would love to see Heart in concert.

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) I was posting Heart vids on FB while a friend was posting DL vids! And since we'd both been recently added to Axyl Rose's friend list (Guns N Roses lead singer), I joked he might Un-friend us! But now...and went through my mom's yearbooks: Axyl was a sophomore in 1978; I didn't get there until fall 1981, so didn't attend HS with him, after all.

barbara huffert said...

So that's why there was no cake. You were doing laundry and edits. Thanks, Molly.