Friday, August 5, 2011

Flashback Friday: Starting School:)

Aug 1971:
I remember dreaming of catching the bus at the end of the street; instead, my mother enrolled me in afternoon kindergarten.  I carpooled with my next-door neighbor, whose father drove, and we also picked up another boy and once in a while, another girl.

The first day, Mom took a picture of T and I in his driveway; people would later tease us about holding hands.  We weren't; we were just standing really close together!  We both have big smiles on our faces.

Our bus driver on the ride home was mean.  I don't know if he quit or resigned; I just know that the next year, we had a new bus driver who would stick with us until I stopped riding the bus in high school.  I don't even remember if we were let off at our individual houses the way kindergartners are now.

Mom had returned to work by this time, and had arranged a sitter for us.  My hair was long that year; it fell around my shoulders.  And I don't remember being teased about my glasses, though I DO remember trying to leave them at home a couple of times.

Present Day:
I've a busy weekend ahead.  Today my dad is arriving to pick me up and take me to  Lafayette for a mini-HS reunion.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, and I'm also planning to crash another one down the block, to see another friend I've not seen since 1985 or 6.  He DJ'd a friend's wedding, and I danced with him.  He's now doing quite well in the music industry, and I'm thrilled we've connected on Facebook, Twitter, and his social network site, Synergy Project.  I'll let you know how it went next week.

On Saturday, Dad's driving me to Indianapolis to meet my family at my SIL's.  MDQ and ME turn 10 and 9 respectively, and a birthday party is planned.  We've had them all summer, and since they start school on Monday, they're moving into Grandma's house, since their mother still hasn't found a place to live.  Apparently my SIL laid down the law to J; we'll see how it goes.  On one hand I'm sad to see the kids leave; on the other, the house will be quiet, clean, and not so much drama anymore.  I swear I'm going to wrap MDQ in bubble wrap:  Between the falling down; stubbing her toes; hurting her fingers; strep throat; nosebleeds; UTI; sore throat; and pinkeye, I'm surprised the child has managed to survive this long (insert sarcasm).   She talks to her mom; five minutes later she's complaining of pain.  She doesn't talk to her mom, she gets whiny.  She's not the center of attention; she pouts when it's pointed out someone else has the floor.  Any time something doesn't go the way she thinks it should, there's a BIG DISCUSSION.  Sheesh!  Child is headed for law school, should she pass the 4th grade.

On a good note, ME is reading better.  And his anger seems to have diminished somewhat.  I hope it continues.   J finally broke up with the deadbeat; it was a condition her mother laid down.  The kids are happy she's no longer 'engaged' to him.

We're returning home Saturday night; I had to compromise with the spouse about the weekend, as he does NOT want to go to my parents' house.  And next Sat, we have to take K back to Purdue.  I'm already getting flack from him for going to the grocery store and spending $150.  But at least we have food in the house, and I'm not going every day for the ingredients for dinner that night!  I don't know WHAT his problem is!

Anyway, have a good weekend!  I'm taking the camera, so hopefully I get some great pictures to share:)


Amber Skyze said...

Have a fun weekend! :)

Molly Daniels said...

I did:) Pics going up soon!