Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday: Rude Awakening

Currently Reading:  Just finished Anny Cook's Phantom's Rest, and OMG!  This one is AWESOME!  I love some of the honest and humorous conversations in this book, and the action in the last twenty pages will keep you scrolling/turning pages until the end!  DEFINITE RECOMMENDED READ!!  Available at Kindle and Fictionwise.  You will NOT be disappointed!

Aug 2001:
We returned from Canada, and I discovered my 'friend' L had NOT taken care of the extra hamburger buns, after all.  They were a moldy mess in the concession stand storage area.  I was furious at her, and worked throughout the next week to load everything up; contact people about buying some stuff, and giving the stand a thorough cleaning.

Youth Football was beginning; their concession stand was happy to buy our leftovers, plus some of the baseball coaches came to me about opening the stand for some Adult Softball games.  I agreed to keep the candy and soda for a while longer.

I'd counted all the money; tallied up the stats from both tournaments, and made a note about what had worked this year and what hadn't.  L called me; I'd gotten over my fury at her and went over to her house.  We started brainstorming about next year when all of a sudden, a bomb dropped.

L:  I might take over the stand next year...

Me (blinking):  Huh?  I'm not ready to give it up yet; I'm finally figuring out the kinks.  I'll be happy to have your help....

L (leaning forward):  H wants me to take it over next year.

Me:  Why?  What's he got against me?

L:  I honestly don't know.  But while you were gone, he was bad-mouthing you left and right.

Stunned, I went home and called the secretary, who assured me everything was okay, and that the bills had been paid.  I told him I'd paid the gas station, and knew changes had to be made the following year.  He told me not to worry; I'd done a good job with the resources we had.

My next phone call was to H, the league vice-president.  I apologized for pulling him away from a family gathering, but wanted to know why he wanted L in charge next year.

His answer was blunt.  "You spent way too much money."  End of conversation.

I called K, our secretary again, asking how much was too much.  "Don't worry about it; everything's fine."

But still I worried.  And prepared my 'farewell' speech, just in case.

At the banquet, H stood up after the food had been served and announced he was going to be President, with so-and-so as the VP, and L to take over concessions.  Immediately, conversation exploded.  People asked me why I wasn't doing the stand; all I could say was, 'I was forced out.', which brought up more questions.  And why weren't we voting on our President and VP?  This wasn't an election; this was a takeover!

The trophies were handed out; people left the banquet, still in a tizzy over what had taken place.

And again, I was incensed that the food I'd promised the football concession stand had been used for the banquet, and complained to the secretary.

"I was getting ready to sell it to the Football League; they complain I spent too much money?  They just took some of our revenue away!"

"I know; it's out of my hands.  I went to bat for you; I thought you did an excellent job.  But they overruled me."

Next Month:  The Community Split In Two.

Present Day:
Getting ready to head north again for my friend Alan's funeral.  The kids are going with me; S is getting her eyes checked and possibly new glasses; youngling wants to hang out with Grandpa and Big Brother at the frat house.  I may or may not have access to the computer, so have a great weekend!


Sandra Cox said...

You can't go wrong with an Anny Cook book. How are you, Molly?

anny cook said...

Wow, thank you for that lovely recommend! AND travel safely!!!

Anonymous said...

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Molly Daniels said...

@Sandra: Hello!!!!!! Buried in edits at the morning, lol:) And have been rewarding myself for good writing/editing days with reading, now that the routine is back to 'normal' again.

@Anny: I had to email you whenever a particular spot moved me; I was afraid I'd leave something out! As I said, this book might just bump ELCK out of the 'favorite book by...' slot:)