Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who Knew?

Thanks to all who commented the past two days:)  Surely everyone knows by now that yes, my publisher is NOT going to require me to update my series to modern day:)  I DID get an idea to do a 'Next Generation', but we'll see what happens after I finish writing books #8-12, lol!

I figure if I release two books per year, that gives me two years to finish writing book #8 and start on the rest.  Here's hoping Lynne gets over her vacation/tantrum/attitude over whom I paired her with and talks to me again, lol!

And the outpouring of support for stories set in the 1980's was AWESOME!  I need to go investigate The Wild Rose series, which takes place in 1985.  Maybe I've started a trend; so many have expressed interest now.

Update On My Trip North:
Still waiting to see if my dad is going to come down and get me tomorrow.  Daughter also wants to go, so she can get new glasses.

Keeping this post short; I need to get back to work on Love Finds A Way before my LOTR edits arrive!  And yes, Kenzie hasn't posted yet; I may do another 'combo' post next week.  We'll see....In the meantime, come back tomorrow for some more of my 2001 memories.  The month of August was an eye-opener.  You never know who your friends are until 'lightening strikes'.  See you tomorrow!


Janice Seagraves said...

That's great, Molly.

Good luck with your series.


Molly Daniels said...

Thank you Janice:) I'm thrilled with the responses and the fact I don't have to totally redo everything:)