Monday, August 8, 2011

What Did YOU Do All Weekend?

Friday night, I attended a mini-HS reunion from McCutcheon.  I crashed their 25th reunion two years ago because I'd gone to school with half of them from K-9th grade.  My friend Angela (front row, pink shirt and white pants) and I met in the 5th grade.  Betsy (next to me in the back row with curly hair and glasses) remembers a particular conversation about raw cookie dough.  Traci (back row white shirt) was in several classes with me.  Beth (front row, long brown hair and gray shirt) was in the 6th grade with me.  Tammy (far right, black and white dress) and I had Home Ec together.  And if you're new to this blog, I'm in the back row, 2nd from left (black shirt).  Aren't we a good-looking  bunch?  The men were whistling at us as cameras flashed, lol!

Here's a good one of Angie and I:)

Saturday morning, I went to Indianapolis and met the rest of the family for MDQ and ME's birthday party.  They were happy to see me again, as well as learn their school doesn't start until the 16th!  Instead of attending IPS, they will be in the Pike Township school system.  Here's hoping they have a good school year, and all the work I've done with both concerning attitude and reading has paid off.

We hit the pool in late afternoon.  Here is my youngling, CK (college kid), and ME in the deep end, seeing who can touch the bottom.  They were having a great time until my SIL freaked out and made them stop jumping off the side (can we say OVER PROTECTIVE?)

After my SIL left, play resumed.  Here's CK as he's about to hoist MDQ into the air for a back flip.  I'm surprised I didn't get a message on FB about their 'reckless behavior'!  But the important thing is, everyone had a good time....except my nephew's oldest daughter, who scraped her knee in the first hour and refused to leave the pool steps.  My SIL carried her back to the condo and stayed with her the rest of the time.

Sunday, I went to see my friends BC Brown and her niece Ashlae in 'A Little Night Magic'.  Here's A playing the part of Belle, and BC is far right, standing up, as a townsperson.

"Oh what a guy....Gaston!'  BC is far left.

BC also played Ursula; The White Rabbit; and Timon from Lion King.  They did an awesome job:)  In addition to playing Belle, A was also Pocohantis.  And at the end, they did a medley of older Disney songs, including the goodbye song of the Mickey Mouse Club:)

Today, I'm trying to get back on track with the housework.  School begins on Thursday, and I need to wash all bedding MDQ and ME used in the past 8 weeks.  Today we find out what class youngling will be in, and I need to arrange testing for him.  He's showing 6 of ten signs for dyslexia, but we have to make it 'official' on his record.  He's been doing better, but still would rather Echo Read.

I'm also close to having cover art for Love On The Rocks!  I just have to make sure my AU logo isn't copyrighted.  But as soon as I get the official cover, I'll post it:)

Have a good day and let the countdown begin!  4 More Days!!!

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