Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My College Kid's New Home

This is the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity 'house'; a block of lower level apartments.  K's is lower left at the back.  Plus, Granny (age 89) decided to give him her car so he'd have reliable transportation.

His is one of three bedrooms.  Each contains double bed, desk, chest of drawers, a HUGE closet with mirrored doors, and a private full bathroom.  I didn't get a private bath to myself until AFTER I'd graduated from college!

He's got a nice kitchen, complete with dishwasher and ample pantry/storage space.

I'm envious of that shelving unit!  Not standard on the apartments; a former tenant built them and the fraternity inherited them.  I've threatened offered to take them when K graduates in three years, lol!

Talk about spoiled....each unit has their own washer/dryer behind these doors.  Remember saving quarters for the vending machine and washer/dryer in the dorms?  My kid is soooo spoiled!

And finally, the view from his living room patio.  Beyond the trees is Walmart, Subway, and Applebee's.  And, the apartment complex supplied them with free wifi.  AND they have full use of the pool during the summer months.  Guess where we'll be spending next summer, hahahahaha!  Plus, the fraternity president said the youngling is welcome any time.

Today, taking the daughter (and maybe even the spouse) to the ER.  Daughter's knee popped again the other day, and even with her knee brace, she says it's painful to go up and down stairs.  And yesterday, the spouse reported stepping on something and the underside of his right foot was bruised.  Today, it's swollen and he's complaining of pain when he walks.  So, family trip to ER again....fun, fun.

In good news, I've reached Ch 5 of LFAW.  I'm up to the infamous party scene, heh heh heh....oh, if only I could turn back time....would things have been different if they'd turned out the way I wrote it?  And changed a few other details around.....


Amber Skyze said...

Looks like your son will have a nice place and walking distance to food and shopping - bonus.

Hope the daugther and DH are okay.

Linda Kage said...

Wow, I'm jealouse of his new home too. Looks pretty sweet.