Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Habit Change

Once upon a time, Molly was a faithful Blogger who posted every morning or evening; started at the top of her blogroll buddies and read didn't get up from the computer until she read them all and commented on some.

And then the wonderful 'following' button appeared, and let her know who had updated, saving her time.

She joined yahoo groups once she was published, to chat with other authors and to promote her own work.  Soon her inbox was flooded with chat digests, and she quickly learned which loops to read and which ones could be skipped.

She was dragged onto Face Book, kicking a screaming, but was soon addicted to the site.  Twitter baffled her, until she took the plunge and started participating in word wars.

She decided to add new features to the blog.  Weekly interview, and a weekly flashback.  Soon she was swamped with scheduling the interviews and finding out certain memories were faulty.

Her home life grew stressful with family members' health issues, her own edits, and trying to work three days a week.  Soon she was only posting two or three times a week, and comments were few and far between.

And the blog waited.

Life is about to return to normal, but the habits have changed.  She used to click email, FB, blog, and once in a great while, twitter.  But now Blogger, even though it is #1 on her bookmarks, is now the 5th tab to be  opened.  The lineup is now FB, email, Twitter, Blogger.  And Kenzie hasn't even posted yet this week.  But we blame the busy weekend, the editing, and the getting-ready-to-send-the-kids-back-to-school-craziness.

So keep checking back; hopefully I'll have plenty to say once my cover is finalized (I found out my logo IS under copyright, so have to design another) and the edits are finished.  I also hope to get back to reading!

Today, I'm getting ready to come unglued on Dish Network.  Why?  My INSP channel has disappeared.  I've been DVR-ing old episodes of The Waltons and was looking forward to Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman coming at the end of August.  I was ALMOST done with The Waltons!  And they're not on NetFlix, so I guess I'm going to have to buy the DVDs if Dish is no longer carrying the channel.  But why mess with a GOOD thing?

Anything YOU want to rant about?  Or notice any changes in YOUR daily online habits?


Amber Skyze said...

I'm dealing with the same issues! :)

Linda Kage said...

My habits have changed as well. No longer so gung ho to comment on everything I read. When I try to picture my future, I can't see me blogging forever. But I dont know how to stop.

I actually miss my Dish. It was way better than what I have now. Sob, sniff.

Stephanie said...

Blogging is last on my list too...when I am bogged with edits adn need to add to my WIP, kids, activities, etc...soemthing has to go. :(

barbara huffert said...

I try to blog during the week. I used to blog every day but I decided to give myself weekends off, though I post occasionally if I'm inspired. I check my blog list weekly instead of daily and catch up on what everyone's doing. And I got rid of TV completely.