Thursday, April 19, 2012

After The Signing....

Brannick had gotten bored about halfway through the room and took off on his own.  He found Rog's Pub about two miles away, so after BC and I left the hotel, we joined him.  What did we do before cell phones and texting, lol?

The three of us relaxing after appetizers.

We decided to catch the train to Wicker Park, and wander around before finding a place to eat.  I bought two more books at Myopic Books, an awesome used bookstore crammed full of shelving units upstairs and down!  We also went in a hat shop, and found this antique typewriter.  We wandered through a couple of vintage clothing stores, and had a drink at another bar.  It felt good to get off our feet again, before trying to find a place for dinner.

We found The Blue Line Pub and had more drinks plus sandwiches.  BC had chicken; Brannick, BBQ, and I had a lamb burger with smoked gouda cheese.  I'd not had a lamb burger since the last time attending the State Fair:)  I wasn't too cracked up about their garlic friench fries, though.  My drink was a Vanilla Shake martini:  Chocolate vodka, Bailey's, and cream, plus garnished with chocolate:)

BC and Brannick:)

Before catching the train, we stopped at The Tavern for another drink.  No, I'm not intoxicated; just wanted to inject a little personality into my photo!  B had given both of us white roses from a street vendor:)

Snapshot of the Wicker Park area while we were waiting for the train back to Rosemont.

Another view from the platform

Proof we rode the train:)

Do you think I've got enough reading material?

And that all this......

Fit into this back pack?   We saw women toting rolling suitcases.  Maybe I'll take one with me next time.  I'm surprised my back wasn't killing me by the time we left the hotel!

And now you know....the rest of the story:)

Scroll down for more pictures, or go over to the RBRU blog for a condensed version:)

Tomorrow:  Easter memories of 1992:)


anny cook said...

Glad you had a good time!

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Anny:) I'd forgotten how much I love being in Chicago!

Looking forward to Kansas City:)

B.C. Brown said...

Browsing through the blog this morning and thought "We need another day out like this one!"

Still love that picture of you in front of the var with the rose in your mouth. ;)