Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Busiest Day Of The Week

Tuesdays, if you haven't guessed by now, are cram-packed.  Daughter has a standing appointment at 11am; I have my writer's group from 5-7 (or later:); youngling has scouts from 6:30-8.  And now baseball season is upon us, and guess when batting practice is?  Every Tuesday at 7pm.  And since tonight he's supposed to earn his swimming belt loop, I'm not sure how the SU plans to work both into his schedule.  Be late for batting practice?  Re-schedule a swim time?  Who knows?

And I've also been invited to another Movie Night with friends Billie and Melissa.  Right now, it's still undecided if I'll go or not.  The spouse is a little cranky, so I'll have to wait for a 'good' time.

On the high point last night, Kentucky WON!!!  Score was 67-59, not as close as I thought it would be.  And only had to nosh pistachios the 2nd half; during the 1st half, Kansas was doing very well, so I stopped and Kentucky pulled ahead.  But the 2nd half....yeah, go ahead and call me superstitious.  But it worked!

Caught up on my Celebrity Apprentice yesterday, and what's up with Aubrey?  When she was on the women's team, yeah; she's creative and seems to have a handle on what to do.  But she and Arsenio clash like oil and water, and I can see his point.  She DOES come across as a spoiled brat.  And I agree; she and Lisa's ideas are good, but they still lost...until they were separated.  And I think Lou should have been fired instead of Dee on the second task.

The first task, a fund-raising project, I felt sorry for Arsenio and his blank check from Jay Leno getting tied up in traffic.  But it turned out to be a non-issue; the men won by $14.  And the Blue Men Group's stunt?  Good in theory, but not on a busy NY street.  Of COURSE people are going to be grabbing money popping out of balloons!  But the men still won, and as Penn said, "If anyone grabbed the money and ran off, that's still charity in my eyes."  And I don't care if Dayana won when she was project manager; she DID cause some headaches for the graphic artist, even though their book was better than the men's.   So was it right Debbie was fired instead?  I'm undecided.  $14 difference....it should have been a draw.  Esp since it looks as if Aubrey's walking away.  We'll find out next week if she comes back.

What Am I Reading?
Finished Fracas.....and my fave story is still BC's.

I'm nearly finished with The Hunger Games; can't wait to see what happens next.

I'm on Ch 2 of Tracy DeVore's Regency, Maiden's Promise.  And I found this humorous; if you're a Spartacus fan, you know Asher was killed.  Well, he's popped up on the cover of Tracy's book:)  So I'll forever have Asher's face on my bookshelf:)  (Yes, I'm aware it's not the same man...but I can dream, can't I?  LOL!)

Still working on edits for Balancing Act.  Last week, I managed to buckle down and finish; hoping I can at least get halfway through.  I've been asked to 'spice up' my scene endings.  Apparently some of them are too 'flat'.  And it's causing minor headaches.  Ah, the things we do all in the name of 'polish'!  This book wasn't nearly as torturous to write as it is to edit, lol!  And anyone who knows me KNOWS I have a very low pain threshold, lol.....uh-oh, I feel an Uncle Remus moment arriving....

"You can pull out my ears, whack off my tail, but pleeeeaaaase don't throw me in dat briar patch (make me change a thing in this book)!"

There; now that's out of my system, on with my day!


Amber Skyze said...

Hope you have a smooth sailing day! :)

Molly Daniels said...

You too Amber:) Thanks for stopping by!