Friday, April 20, 2012

Flashback Friday and Recommended Read:)

April 1992:
The weather was getting warmer, and the spouse returned to work:)  Baby K was now four months old, and I received a phone call, asking if I'd agree to babysit for a Parent's Group.  It would be the first Monday of the month, and I think K enjoyed being around all the activity the first time I took him (there were five kids, ranging from age 2-5, with various disabilities).  Plus, I was meeting more people in our community, and attending church once again.

Recommended Read:)
Remember back on the 11th, when I posted I had a good excuse for not writing?  Jean very nicely sent me the sequel to Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights, and once again, I had a very hard time putting down April's Kiss in the Moonlight!  If you'll remember, I've been a little sleep-deprived this week, and off schedule.  Well, deciding to open AKITM at 10:30 pm 'to read just one more chapter' was a mistake.  I had to force myself to put it down two hours and four chapters later!  And then took it with me to appointments and upset my daughter because 'I'm almost finished with the chapter; then we'll go to the car.'

So yes, this is another Definite Recommended Read:)  Open only when you have a large block of time, lol!

I'm on the last story in Flavors Of Ecstasy 4:)  I've enjoyed most of the books in this antho, and nearly skipped the final one, Stick Up, but decided it was the late hour affecting my judgment.  I'll read it today, and then start Joy Ride by Desiree Holt:)

This weekend's Agenda:
We're setting up for District Pinewood Derby tonight, with the event being held tomorrow.  Then depending on what time we finish, I'll either go see BC Brown perform in Willy Wonka or wait until the Sunday show.  Either way, I'll have more pictures to show you next week:)


Jean said...

Thank you for the recommendation, Molly! I'm so glad you liked the book.

Linda Kage said...

Ack, how did you watch six kids all under five years old?! That is so awesome. I have a hard enough time watching one two-year old. I bow to your mastery!

I like Jean's cover. Might have to check this book out. Thanks!