Thursday, April 26, 2012

Awesome Concert and Reality TV Update

No karaoke last night; I attended a free concert in which a friend's band performed, and it ran long.

This is my friend Nathaniel McQuaid (acoustic guitar), and a former classmate of son K (on drums), and their band Eric Blair and the Absolute Nothings.  I shot a video of them before my camera batteries quit, and hope to get it uploaded to Face Book sometime today.  This was the first time I'd heard the band perform; Nathaniel and the bass guitarist had performed acoustically at the bookstore last year, and I was impressed by their talent.  Hearing it all put together....I hope these boys have a good future.  And BC Brown's SO, Brannick, has written at least one of their songs.

Before Nathaniel and Co. took the stage, several other bands played.  The above is the other band I was most impressed with; I admire any musician who can play keyboard and sing at the same time!  Michael Cochren has another bright future if he stays with it, imho.  I even acquired one of their CD's.  Haven't listened to it yet, but I will soon.

What about the other bands?  The 1st band was a cover band, and I shot a video of their best song.  The first singer was drowned out by the music; the 2nd singer I could both hear and understand; the female vocalist needed to stand a little closer to the microphone.  She had a nice voice; I just couldn't hear her.

I had to leave for choir practice and arrived back just as Michael was setting up; I'd missed 4 bands.  Band #7 was a rap artist, and I don't particularly care for that, so stepped outside and spoke to Nathaniel, BC, and Brannick.  Band #8 was a cross between Nickleback and Fall Out Boy; I enjoyed the antics of their lead guitarist jumping around the stage.  So a good time was had by all:)

Reality TV Update:
Amazing Race:  I was soooooo happy this leg was not an elimination one!  Mark gave his all, trying to learn a Bollywood dance, and finally nailed it on the 11th try.  He was worn out and dangerously close to heat exhaustion or even stroke.  But after some discussion about dropping out, he gave it one last shot and was finally able to move on to the next challenge:)

Survivor:  I was really sad to see Troy voted out.  I'd hoped he would rally and either win immunity or sway the others into seeing what was about to happen.  Didn't work, so by by Troy.  I can't wait to see what he looks like w/o his beard!  I'd join him on that private island, heh heh heh.....

Currently Reading: 
Still on To Wed A Wild Lord:)  I'm loving it; just haven't had a lot of time to read this week.  I DID finish the 2nd round of edits yesterday, and opted to catch up on my DVR'd shows instead of reading, plus took part in my publisher's chat.  Received some favorable comments on both Love Finds A Way and Kenzie's Appetite For Desire, so hope some lurkers enjoyed the excerpts too.  I'll find out when the sales reports arrive.

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