Monday, April 16, 2012

Destination: RT Chicago:)

Fellow author and BGF/P (Best Gal Friend/Pal) BC Brown, her SO (Brannick), and I left around 8am Saturday morning.  Destination?  Chicago, Romantic Times (RT) Convention!  One wrongly-filled McD's sweet tea, one pit stop for breakfast and to confirm we were headed in the right direction (we'd missed a turn and thankfully the person we asked was a local trucker!  He drew us a map for a short cut and sent us on our way:), plus a wrong turn on said short cut, and we found ourselves on the I-90/I-94 loop!

I had stupidly left my camera in the back seat with the slumbering Brannick, so BC has pictures of the yellow submarine we saw in someone's yard, plus another picture I asked her to take, which is currently choosing to not be remembered!

Anyway, we arrived safely and in one piece, and here is the Hyatt sign where the convention took place.

We arrived; somehow we got it into our heads the festivities were being held in the convention center across the street, so we drove and extra three blocks (or maybe 5, depending on how far back the hotel was!) to the Convention Center Parking Garage.  And through trial and error, finally figured out how to get IN to the garage, plus where to park!  If you're not familiar with this garage, it's rather poorly marked, IMHO!  And getting out was another oops; instead of a live attendant, you pay by credit card to get out.  Problem was, both BC and myself had no $$ left on our cards by the time we left; only cash.  Thankfully a nice person in the car behind us was gracious enough to accept our cash and inserted her card so we could leave:)

This is the movie theater which is across from the garage.  I thought it was pretty:)

And inside the Hyatt, there is this huge sculpture:)  This was taken from the 2nd floor and looking up.

So that was the first part of the trip:)  Pt. 2 tomorrow will introduce you to some fantastic authors:)  Please don't shake my blog and yell 'Show me the authors!'  I promise you won't regret the next three days:)


Harlie Reader said...

So jealous but I can live through the blog now. Thanks Molly.


Amber Skyze said...

I'm jealous too! Can't wait to hear more.

Linda Kage said...

I'm jealous too. You lucky !@#% you!! But thanks for sharing your adventures so we experience it a little too. You're such a sweet !@#$...!