Thursday, April 12, 2012

Karaoke Thursday

Had a BLAST last night:)  Now that Dart League is over, and Cheryl mentioned last week Wednesday nights were pretty much dead, B and I decided to show up around 9:30 and see if she would let us sing earlier.  And she did:)

We got the party started, and soon others were putting in their requests.  In two hours, I managed to sing six songs:

Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis):  I still need to work on the ending of this song!  And it was a good warm up:)

Born To Be My Baby (Bon Jovi):  I might do this one better if we can raise the key a bit; it's still too low for me.

Bop (Dan Seals):  Tried this one again with the key bumped higher.  Still too low in spots, so I'm officially scrapping this one.

Boys of Summer (Don Hendley):  Raised the key a full step and while I was comfortable singing it, it's not one of my favorites.

Call Me When You're Sober (Evanescence):  Nailed this one last week; this time I could hear myself.  Received a round of applause, plus the request to sing this one more often!  My Happy Dance moment of the evening:)

Calling All Angels (Train):  I love this song, and wondering maybe if bumping it up a half step will help in some spots???  This is my absolute favorite Train song, so keeping this one.

On the agenda today, I'm still working on Balancing Act's edits.  I managed to rework an argument yesterday that occurs 'off-camera' and is repeated the next day 'on-camera', so after I fix the transition, then I have to make sure the second argument isn't too repetitive.  And hopefully things will flow smoothly and I can send it back.  Is this the way the entire series is going to go?  The odd-numbered books being a snap to revise, while the even-numbered ones have me questioning my sanity, lol?

Sigh......and you thought being a writer was easy.......;)

Tomorrow:  Memories of April 1982.


Unknown said...

LOL No, being a writer is NOT easy.

Molly Daniels said...

And I have yet to self-edit books 5-7....and write 8-12....finish 13, then fix the historical errors in 14, then self-edit 8-14!