Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Pictures and Recommended Read:)

Did I mention friend and fellow author BC Brown was in the production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory over the weekend?  Here's B in her Oompa-Loompa glory (right side, back row)

Here's the kids and parents (l-r) 'Violet'; 'Augustas'; 'Veruca'; 'Charlie'; and 'Michaela' (Mike Teevee was rearranged into 'Michaela Teevee for this particular adaptation!).

'Augustas Gloop' and the chocolate river

'Willy', 'Charlie', and 'Grandpa Joe' in 'Great Glass Elevator'.  I'd taken several videos of B's niece A, who played Veruca Salt, and wasn't sure how long the batteries would last!  There was more life in them than I thought.

Charlie's grandparents, who stole the show:)

B with her nephew R ('mini-oompa-loompa) and A (Veruca Salt).

On Sat, our District Pinewood Derby was held.  This is my youngling's 1st heat (red car).  His car jumped the track and didn't finish; come to find out he'd dropped it earlier and damaged the wheel.  The SU did a quick repair and he finished heats #3 and 4 in 2nd place.  His average wasn't enough to place over all, but he had a great time!

Recommended Read
I LOVED this book!  I'm in total agreement with one of the reviewers at the beginning of the book; this is Desiree Holt's best book ever:)  Now granted, I've only read 6 of her books, and she told me at RT she's about to publish book #132!  So yes, I have some catching up to do on her back list....but this one grabbed me from the blurb when she first posted it, and it's been near the top of my TBB list (in e-book format).  So when I discovered she had the print copy at RT, I grabbed it!

This is another Definite Recommended Read:)  If you like paperbacks, buy it here.  If you prefer the kindle edition, get it here:)  Whatever format you prefer, this is an awesome story of a bass guitarist who doesn't fit the Rock Star stereotype, and a woman who discovers she needs more out of life than the safe path.

Next Up:
Reading Sabrina Jeffries' To Wed A Wild Lord.  I'm halfway through it, and loving it:)

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B.C. Brown said...

And I missed this one too! I'm getting lax; punish me now. lol

Thanks for coming out to see us. It's really important to me to have the continued and enthusiastic support of such a good friend. (And the pictures are great, too!)

Looking forward to 'roke this week with you and M - even if I have to swallow my bruised ego and forfeit my boycott! lol