Monday, April 9, 2012

I Am A Writer.....

With that stated.... 

What is that I really want out of this career? 
I want to see my name on a book.  I want people who send me letters or stop me on the street to let me know how much they enjoy what I've written.  I want to sell out of my entire inventory whenever I do a public signing.  And yes, I want to be able to support myself 'when I grow up'.

How can you make that happen? 
Keep writing books; promote myself online and in person; I will participate in blog hops/interviews/chats;

How much time are you going to devote to the "job" each day/week? 
A few hours each morning for social networking; more in the evening if able.  Writing in the afternoon.

How will you make yourself accountable? 
I just wrote these goals on a public blog.  If I slack off, I know my readers and friends will figuratively poke me if they see me (ie:  send me an email) and say "Hey....whatcha doing?"

How much time do you want to give yourself to accomplish these goals?
I'm already off to a good start.  I've got seven published books, with four more due out this year (or only three), and I need to get off this apathy I feel toward promotion.  I seriously spent more time promoting myself when I only had ONE book out!  What the heck is going on with me?

Back to the question at hand:  I figure I've got another twenty years before finances become an issue again; maybe fifteen.  I'm 46, and the rest of my AU series should be out by the time I hit fifty.  And by then, I will have hoped to accomplish some name recognition, plus built up a solid readership under both pen names.

What are you going to do when you reach a goal? 

Drink wine; go out for a nice meal.  Sing karaoke.  I know how to 'pamper' myself!


Amber Skyze said...

I love this interview! I hate promoting too. Though I find the hops are a very good way to get your name out there. :)

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) Saw this on one of the loops and thought this would be perfect for a blog post!

Liz Flaherty said...

I'm five books in and I still hate every little facet of promotion. I haven't gotten any better at it, either!

Liked the interview!

Molly Daniels said...

What I don't understand, Liz, is that when I only had one book officially pubbed, I hawked it all over the place. And the same with book #2. But by the time #3-7 got here, I was tired of staring at the computer; tired of constantly having to stay on top of my emails; and was just tired in general. Life didn't help any; instead of being an escape, my computer time seemed to aggravate the drama "oh God...Mom's on the computer AGAIN!", and ready to put me in the 12-step program for internet addiction. Something had to give. But now things are mellowing out, and I still feel like a reluctant child when it comes to promo. "Gah...I have to do that AGAIN? I don't wanna...."