Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday

April 1982:
I did get selected for a slot in the Color Guard again, and was thrilled:)  K and I began making plans for Band Camp, such as taking boat rides during the free times; sitting together at meals; walks after dark until 'curfew'.  During 6th period Band, I was still performing the harder pieces out of the back of the book, while everyone else had reached the center.  Mr. M told me to go ahead and sign up for Concert Band the next year; I was much more advanced than he'd thought, and apologized for not having me try out sooner.

I finally cornered B about his attitude, and he informed me his friends thought I was only friendly with him because of his b-ball status.  I rolled my eyes and said, 'If you remember, I liked you before I found out you were on the team, and afterward, told you we couldn't be friends!  You're the one who insisted on it, not me."  And walked off.

He later began seeking me out in the halls again, but the damage had been done.  And when he called me for the first time, I said, "If you're so insecure and believing what your friends say, then we really have nothing to talk about."  He got mad and hung up on me.

Shopping for Easter clothing that year was a frustrating experience.  I tried on two dresses and was happy.  I think my sis tried on every dress in the store before finding one she liked!  Mom would bring her a dress in a different size, then also two or three others, which she would then try on, but would need a particular one in another size.  Mom would head out to the racks and the process would repeat itself.  I was bored and wished I'd brought a book or Mom would let me go down to either Waldenbooks or Musicland.  Nope; she didn't want to 'lose' me, so she made me stay with her.  Finally, W settled on a dress; Mom paid; we left.

Present Day:
Edits:  Made it all the way to page 94 last night, then decided to 'spice' things up and hit a creative wall.  My writing style has changed, as far as the sex scenes go, so trying to write 'with the bedroom door open slightly' as opposed to 'door wide open', AND keep it fresh is a challenge.  But I've had sleep, so I think I'm up for it today.

RT12:  Gearing up for our trek to Chicago tomorrow:)  I've got my list of authors and books I plan to buy; authors I want to meet; the directions to get there; and what I plan to wear. Bought a pair of black flats, since I have no 'dressy' shoes, other than my 1.5" boots (and lately they've been hurting my feet if I wear them too long), and wore them all day yesterday, to make sure they'll last me an eighteen-hour day.  I plan to wear them again today, just to make sure.  The spouse has promised me some money on my charge card, as well as some cash, so hopefully he'll go to the bank today.

Baby Shower:  I have to go down and put the deposit for daughter's shower, to ensure the venue.  More on this later:)

Currently Reading:  Finished Hunger Games the other day, and was a bit nauseated by the way the 'game' finished.  And now I'm wondering what happens in the next two books, so may have to go buy them.  Also received a surprise in the mail:  Linked by Barb Huffert arrived:)  I'll probably start on it today or next week; depends on if I have time today.  I read the e-book version a year or so ago.  Also forgot to mention:  I finished Tracy DeVore's Scent of The Wolf, and it was good, in the scary-what's-going-to-happen-next kind of way.  I like my Wolves a bit less scary, so if you're into the old school werewolves, pick this one up and see what YOU think:)


Amber Skyze said...

Have fun at RT tomorrow. :)

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Amber:) I'll post pics on FB as soon as I can!