Friday, September 28, 2012

Flashback Friday: Back To 'Normal'

Currently Reading:  Thoroughly enjoyed Anyone Out There by Marian Keyes!  Now reading Shopoholic Ties The Knot by Sophia Kinsella.  E-book-wise, LOVED Sommer Marsden's The Anniversary Party!  Recommended Reads All Around:)  I'm currently on Ch 3 of Not An Angel by Dawn Chartier.  Enjoying it:)

Sept 2002:
Son K was in the 5th grade and playing baritone in the band; daughter S was thriving in the 2nd grade.  I had settled into a routine of taking them to school, then going home to write.  I was working on Stephanie's story, Searching For Love, and doing research on the next project, which would be my eating disorder story line.  I was also taking the girl across the street to and from school, and she informed me of girls who were doing a combination anorexia/bulimia:  They'd alternate not eating, then binge/purge.  I filed it away for future reference.

The spouse was working on Michigan Rd, up at 96th street; I went to see him at lunch one day and had to park between the interstate and the on-ramp.  He gave me his paycheck for deposit; I got the bright idea to ask the car dealership if I could test-drive one of the trucks, so I didn't have to fight the traffic back to my car.  And to my surprise, the salesman agreed!  And even let me have my pick of colors!

But after I chose the red one, and we were walking out to it, his phone rang.  He told me to go ahead and go do my errand; he trusted me to bring it back.  So I took this brand new Chevy Extended Cab out onto 96th; crossed over to Township Line Rd; went down to 86th; deposited my husband's paycheck and got some cash; then drove over to Arby's and got us both some lunch.  Took Michigan Rd back to 96th.....and all construction has halted.  I parked the truck, returned the keys, and took the Arby's sack to my spouse.  He and the other crew members were looking down in a hole.

"Do you know what you made me do?  (I shook my head) I looked up, saw you drive across in a $35,000 vehicle, and got so shook up I hit a gas main!"

The other guys laughed.

"Thank god it wasn't a LIVE one!  How the hell did you convince him to let you drive that truck?"

Feminine charm:)  And the fact that due to the construction right outside their entrance, business was slow???

He still laughs about that from time to time!

Present Day:
Miss Alex is having an upper GI as I type this.  She's been having near-projectile vomiting lately, so the dr has ordered it, to find the cause.

K and D are home from Texas, and my son's Spring Break crisis has been dismissed!  They were also thrilled to see my 'other daughter' Sam and the 'nephew/grandson' Shaant.  Sammie's expecting again, and hoping for a girl.  D took pictures while they were down there, so I'll get them up on Face Book sometime today.

Heading up to the Bruceville Fall Festival tomorrow!  And fellow author Carol Preflatish will be joining me, as well as BC Brown, providing she feels up for it.  She's been suffering a mild allergic reaction to some medication the dr has her on.  I'll post pics next week:)

Kenzie finally posted her 'Next Big Thing' interview:)  You can view it here.  Enjoy!

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