Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yay, It's Thursday!!

Currently Reading:  Finished Unexpected Blessings by Joyce Brennan, and liked it.  I was hoping more would have been done with the 'triangle'; maybe I've read too many similar stories, or watched too many soap operas over the years, but as I read, I kept anticipating the next move of the rival, only to be disappointed.  Maybe the author wanted to avoid that 'predictable' plot?  This book was also longer than I thought, and the subplot was drawn out a little too long, imho.  Now, I'm reading Jessica E. Subject's Accidental Romance.  I'm also about halfway through Acceptable Risk.  This storyline has ties to the Salem Witch Trials, and I keep reading this at night.  I really need to read it in the daytime, lol!

Since the last day of the month falls on Sunday, I'll post my monthly wrap-up on Monday, then the April reading schedule on Tuesday.

Thank you for the wonderful comments on yesterday's post!  LOL....I guess I've gone 'rogue', or turned to 'the dark side' DO remember I have another pen name, right?

Looking Forward To Easter
Tonight I'm singing in the Holy Thursday service, and then going to a friend's house to watch the movie 'Burlesque'.  Yes, I'm 'sacrificing' part of the Sweet 16 games in order to spend time with the girls.  But I hope to be home in time for the IU/Syracuse game!

Here are my pics for today and tomorrow:
Wichita St         Arizona
Indiana              Marquette
Louisville           Kansas
Michigan St.      Florida GC

Today I'm double-checking the supplies for Easter.  Paas Kit, vinegar, enough candy for everyone, and an Easter gift for Alexandria.  I also want to go window shopping for a potential Easter outfit.  I've got a 20% off coupon at Maurices, and Cato has some nice things in their window.  But I also like to shop the clearance rack for items I drooled over in the winter, but thought were too high priced.  So we'll see.

No Flashback Tomorrow....unless I need to add something else to the posts. 


Unknown said...

Yup, I had a brain fart and forgot about your "other" name. :) I'm blaming it on the recovery from the surgery. I wish I could blame it on pain pills but I haven't taken them. lol

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