Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday: Now What?

Currently Reading:  I forgot to post yesterday; went on a reading spree.  Finished Beautiful Disaster and I'm sorry Mel...I really tried to like this book, but just couldn't get into it.  I did like the beginning and the end, though.  Enjoyed Table For Three by Missy Martine; this showed a good example of how a menage can begin, with all of the 'should-I-or-shouldn't-I?' angst.  Also enjoyed Research Required by Amber Skyze and Immortal Curse by Bronwyn Green.  Loved both of these!  As I read Bron's, I remembered her 'field trip' which inspired the book!  Awesome job and Recommended Reads for both!

Next up:  Downloaded a freebie by George Elliott, The Mill and The Floss.  Also started The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes.

April 2003:
Story  thus far:   After my spouse had his aortic heart valve replaced in Jan, and then undergoing another surgery in Feb for internal bleeding, March passed without any major incidences, and we thought his recovery was going well.  Until we received a phone call in April.

We were enjoying a relaxing day in April, anticipating the end of the school year in less than 8 weeks.  Then a phone call from the doctor's office changed the uncertainty of everything.

"We tested the fluid we took from your pericardium and you tested positive for TB.  We're setting up an appointment for you at the Infectious Disease Clinic for next week.  But first, we'd like you to go get a chest X-ray."

What?  TB?  Would this mean the kids and I were in danger?

We met with the IDC doctor, who expressed his frustration.

"Your chest X-ray is clear, and I sent more samples to other labs which tested negative.  But since there is a test tube labeled with your name, and a positive TB test, I have no choice but to put you on the nine-month medication regimen.  I suspect cross-contamination in that lab, but my hands are tied."

I was relieved when he said that; it meant the kids and I weren't going to have to undergo treatment, isolation, or anything.  But it meant going to the county Health Department every month for his meds, and adding 12 antibiotic pills and 2 vitamin B-6 pills to his already overflowing pill tray per day.

Problems rose in my son's 5th grade class.  He came to us, telling us he was being bullied.  We contacted the school and set up a meeting with the new principal.

Before I go on, I should add my son's 'indestructable' glasses had been broken yet a third time, and we didn't have the money to buy his new ones.  So K was taping his glasses to his face every morning, instead of not wearing them and sitting close to the blackboard (as I suggested).  Therefore, I was thunderstruck when we sat down with the principal and the first words out of her mouth are, "You ARE aware your son tapes his glasses to his face?  Of course the kids are going to tease him!"

Ummm...okay.  Blame my kid.  Blame us for not having the money to get his glasses.  Blame the spouse for undergoing heart surgery.  And if you want to go that route, let's blame IPL for having power lines above my hubby's digging site.  What psychology course did you take (and flunk) while in college, lady?  I was furious.

The facts:  Yes, K DID go against my advice, so okay, he asked to be teased.  BUT, he also stood up to the teasing, but when he could take no more of it, he went to his teacher and principal, expecting to be backed up.  The kid was an A student; he wanted to learn, not dread going to school every day.  And a check from my parents arrived soon after this, so we were able to afford his new glasses frames.

Baseball practice began; K was now on a 'major' league team, and proved to be a pretty good 2nd baseman, as well as his skills for sliding into home plate.  S was now in her 3rd year of Pee-Wee Softball, and was still enjoying her position as catcher.

Present Day:
Going to a glass-blowing exhibit over at the college today.  One of my friends has been enjoying this class, and invited me to come to their open house.  I'll post pictures next week.  Have a great weekend!


Melissa Keir said...

My son was teased and bullied in middle school. It still stays with him today. He felt that the teachers didn't do anything. I also contacted the principal but nothing happened on that end either. Amazing how some people can be.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

Oh golly, glasses. I had mine glued with some kind of gray bonding stuff for over a year. Yeah, that didn't felt pretty. And my son's were lost in his classroom and the teacher was insulted when I asked to do a search.

I told my boys forever you don't want to peek in high school. lol

Anonymous said...
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