Friday, May 17, 2013

Flashback Friday

May 1983
This month was full of events.  On May 12th, I met friend B at his locker before we headed outside to our elementary schools.  His friend J came over, greeted B, then asked, "And how's the missus?"

Silence.  Then B said, "Molly, he's talking to you."

"Oh."  I blinked.  "I'm fine.  Yourself?"

"Good.  And how are the kids?"

Kids?  "They're fine too."  I looked at B, who was laughing.  He slammed his locker closed, hi-fived J, then curled his arm around my shoulder and led me down the hall.

"So when did we get married?" I teased him after he dropped his arm.

"You don't remember?"  He spun around and motioned to J again.  He whispered something in his ear; J adopted a solemn look.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you 'people'.  B, kiss her before I'm late to class!'

I laughed and turned around.  B followed me.  "So how many kids do we have?"

"I don't know.  You had 'em!"

The next day happened to be Friday the 13th.  The J-Club officers were announced during the morning announcements, and B had been elected President for the next year.  After 1st period, I made a beeline for B's locker to congratulate him, but before I could say anything, J swooped in.

"Here's the President and his First Lady!"

I also discovered that with my crazy schedule the next year, I'd have to take Government during the summer.  Mom also signed me up for a typing class.  When I complained, she reminded me I was only a year away from college, and would be required to type my papers.

"If you know how to type, kids who can't will be willing to pay you to type their papers."

Who can argue with that logic?  I agreed.

And I also made my decision regarding Band Camp.  I was quick to pick up routines, so I was positive missing five days of intense practice wasn't going to hurt my chances of having a slot in our parade or field show.  I decided to travel to Florida with my Jr/Sr High Church Choir.  Little did I know the drama which would follow in June.

Next month:  "You're letting a SOPHOMORE teach you the routine?"

Present Day:
We're heading north tomorrow for my BFF's daughter's graduation party.  Have a great weekend!


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Have a good weekend, Molly!

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