Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HDH #13

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Here's a snippet of book #2, Love Finds A Way, which asks the question, If you date a man halfway across the country, and only see him twice a year, is it 'out of sight, out of mind' or 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'?  Enjoy:)

Set Up:  Amy surprises Matt with a visit to the AF base, and then reveals she doesn't plan to sleep with him, wanting to know if their relationship is based only on sex, or are they also friends?  After three days, this decision is hard to keep.  On Matt's day off, a trip to the pool provides playful fun.

“I’d better be careful, I almost lost my top!” She climbed out of the pool and
squeezed the water out of her hair. “Besides, that wasn't a very good one.” Aware Matt’s
eyes were looking her over, Amy tried not to be self-conscious of the fact her swimsuit
clung to her body.

“How's the water?” Matt swung his legs over the side of his lounger.

“It's just right, very refreshing. Coming in?” Oh please do…regardless of how I act,
I’m dying to feel your skin next to mine. Tingles of anticipation ran up her spine. Being in
the water with the opposite sex provided many flirting opportunities, and she’d always
dreamed of good-natured horseplay with the man she loved.

“Yeah.” He took a sip of his soda and got up from his seat. Amy returned to the
diving board, her heart pounding. I know he’s watching. Will my top fall off again? Amy
surfaced in the middle of the pool. Of course…when I want it to fall off, it stays in place.
Spotting Matt sitting on the edge near the ladder, she swam over and hoisted herself up
on his feet.  “You going to sit here all day?”

Love Finds A Way is available on Kindle
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Sabrina Devonshire said...

It sounds like maybe she's ready to break her not-sleeping-with-him fast...

Anonymous said...

I like their relationship and her personality. Let's see more!

meryvamp said...

I love that we get her inner dialogue and what she's really thinking. Sounds like she's playing it cool when on the inside, she's dying to touch him. Really great descriptions. Can't wait to read more :)

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks everyone:) The whole 'I'm-not-going-to-sleep-with-you/Let's-see-if-our-relationship-is-only-based-on-sex' issue stemmed from a conversation with my friends about sleeping with guys too soon:) And it seemed like a good way to add conflict at the beginning,so I wrote it in. And boy did it take me for a wild ride of emotional ups and downs!