Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Happenings

Currently Reading:  Loved, loved, LOVED Jean Joachim's If I Loved You!!!!  Definite Recommended Read!  Also read Reveal Me by Cari Quinn, and now I want to know more about Kelly's character.  Sabrina York's Rebound grabbed me at page one and refused to let go.  Loved it, and can hardly wait to read more of this series!  Another Definite Recommended Read!  Then ran into a couple of duds which looked good in the blurb, and truthfully, the first one held my attention all the way through half of it until I got bored.  And tried to read the 2nd and 3rd books, but nah.  Again, maybe I'll try again when I have nothing left to read.  Now I'm on Teen Fury:  Unleashed by Amanda Torrey.

Spent the weekend working on Kenzie's two upcoming releases, and getting the ARC's shined up.  Including writing in more of Cara's pet Labrador Shadow, in Off The Clock.  So hopefully that won't cause dog lovers to email me with 'what happened to the dog?', which was my reaction after I saw it in pdf form!  Not sure why I didn't catch it sooner.

Here I am with the former Adoptee #1; she doesn't come around as often anymore, so she's been bumped to #5.  She's graduating this year, and I'm very proud of her!

Had an impromptu 'reunion with my BFF and her daughters....

L-R:  Shia, Sara, me, Erica, Faunia, my mom, and Miss Alex:)

4 Generations!  Alex, Sara, me, and Mom:)

Another shot...Sara, Alex, Faunia, me, Shia (we took 5 pictures, trying to get one of Shia with her eyes open, but no!), Erica

Not sure if this is coming through real good or not, but this is Erica and I back in /Sept 1994, with Faunia and Sara, ages 1 and 2 months old.  Our baby girls were due just a few days apart, but my 'firecracker' came 3 weeks early while Faunia decided she'd 'cook' an extra two weeks:)  So they were born a month apart instead.

My, how they've changed in 18 (almost 19!) years!

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