Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hump Day Hook #12

Currently Reading:  Finished Cheryl Dragon's A Firm Hand and enjoyed the way it showed a Dom introducing his somewhat innocent bride to 'playthings'.  Mariah's easy acceptance of everything, like the candle play and the flogger, surprised me.  Now reading Mona Risk's No More Lies.  Wonderful so far!

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By now you know the drill:  For more Hump Day goodies, go here:)

Taking you back to 1984 and the first Arbor U heroine, Elicia Keller.

“Good morning to you.” A kiss landed on her forehead. “Last night was wonderful." His hand slid up her thigh.
Elicia squirmed, then stopped, the pain in her head unbearable. Whatever happened, his touch was causing no pain and movement was. “Did...did we…ah, you know, do..ah, anything?” She caught her breath, feeling stupid. She didn’t have on any underwear and from what she could tell, Brent was naked. Brilliant, just brilliant. Of course we did. Only I don’t remember any of it.

     Brent caressed her cheek. “Shall I refresh your memory?” He kissed her again, his free hand moving up across her buttocks. “I couldn’t get you to take off your shirt, sweetheart, but the rest was fantastic.” He nibbled on her earlobe. “I want to make love to you again." 


Naomi Shaw said...

I want to know what happened. Do tell, pretty please

Anonymous said...

I need more!

Sabrina Devonshire said...

Uh, oh. A night of passion she doesn't remember. Definitely not good...

Molly Daniels said...

@Naomi and Alexandra: I have more excerpts on the 'LOTR' page:)

@Sabrina: Esp since she's got her sights set on Wayne at the moment:) Elicia goes a little wild her first semester away from the parents, ha ha!