Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Testing Tuesday

Currently Reading:  Loved No More Lies by Mona Risk!  Recommended Read:)  Also devoured Cari Quinn's No Dress Required and it's also a Recommended Read!  Mona's Neighbors and More reminded me of Knot's Landing/Dallas/Falcon Crest/Melrose Place, lol!  Very enjoyable, so pick this one up also.  Could NOT finish Christine Cappleton's Stealing Megan's Husband.  Maybe it's just a sign I'm noticing little editing errors, but the choppy writing and the head-hopping bothered me (and reminded me of my 1st book, so am I really in any position to criticize?  Maybe I'll read this when I don't have anything else to read this month).  Now I'm on Jean Joachim's If I Loved You, and already I'm giggling over the first conversation between the hero and heroine!  Very well done, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the book:)

I absolutely hate bureaucratic red tape.


I'm glad you asked!

My spouse took early retirement two years ago this month.  His insurance premiums for himself and I would be nearly $700 a quarter, I think was the figure.  I could be wrong.  All I really know is it's a lot of money, more than we originally paid.

He's now on Medicare, and I'm on the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP).  My youngest lost his Hoosier Healthwise (Medicaid) last fall, after the disability and SSI payments pushed our income level to $200 over the limit for Medicaid.  So any doctor visits and his medicine are now paid out of pocket, which isn't much, and thankfully his teeth were fixed while under the Medicaid plan, other than his last cleaning.

Now my HIP is up for renewal.  I sent in the necessary paperwork in March, and waited.

April arrived, with a request for more documentation.  I sent it in.

Last week, another request for my Schedule C and the OFFICIAL paper for my husband's pension payment, like a check stub, or the OFFICIAL letter.  The only OFFICIAL letter I have (or can find!) was dated two years ago, which I'd sent in with a handwritten 'Since March, he now gets $abc.de).  Apparently they didn't like that handwritten notation.

We don't get a pay stub; it's directly deposited into the account.  And nope, FASSA will not accept a bank statement as proof.  So after turning my filing cabinet inside out, looking for the letter we'd received in March, I called the Central Pension Fund in Washington DC.

Call #1:  No answer
Call #2:  "I'll put it in the mail."
              "Can you expedite it?  I need it by Friday."
              "I'll get it in the mail, ma'am."
Call #3:  "Can you email or fax it to me?"
              "Sure...as soon as you fax your husband's signature to me."

I did that.  And waited for the return fax.

We went to lunch.  Still no fax.

If I don't get that piece of paper from them by close of business on Friday, I stand the chance of losing my health care.

If the 2nd guy had the info in front of him, and KNEW I was faxing it over asap, why can't he send my fax as soon as he received 'permission'?

Why is it, when you're in a hurry, it seems the rest of the world is functioning in slow motion?


anny cook said...

That's why it's called a bureaucracy...Absolutely hate petty people who pull this crap so they feel important...

Unknown said...

I'm with Anny! They love to screw with you.

Molly Daniels said...

Oh happy day, it's here! Already faxed it into to FSSA and will find out in about a month if it was the right document.

Molly Daniels said...

We suffered a 'crossed signal'....Office Max was supposed to CALL me when it came in. But I'd emailed them with my cover, and she'd emailed me back that it was here. At 3, I called DC to see if it had been sent; he told me he had confirmation at 1:30. So while I called OM back, I opened my email again and there it was.

That's what I get for not leaving my email tab open while online....sign.

Anonymous said...
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Molly Daniels said...

Getting hit with spam again.....grrrrrrr.