Friday, February 6, 2015

Flashback Friday: 1st Slumber Party:)

Feb 1975:
My bff KB decided to make her birthday party into a slumber party.  I rode the bus home with her, then went with them to pick up several others.  Since I loved her Barbie Townhouse, I headed straight for it....and that's when I discovered not everyone was 'in synch' with my storyline.  See HERE for the post where I talked about this in detail.  I also discovered I preferred to sit back and watch the other girls interact, since I couldn't stand 'Miss Popular', but was fascinated at the way the other girls agreed with everything she said.  I didn't, but kept my mouth shut.  While I enjoyed myself, I much preferred it when it was just KB and myself at her house.  She also had a playroom in her attic, accessed by a set of pull down stairs.

Mrs. M read Marie Kilillea's book, Wren to us, a chapter a day, and I was so excited by it I would go home and tell my mom what had happened in that particular chapter and could we pleeeeeeeease go buy the book?  I think I finally got it several months later.

I was terrified when it was my turn to go to the office and call Time and Temperature.  I hadn't been allowed to use the phone, except if someone called me, and the phone number was unfamiliar.  Alice, the secretary, helped me, then I skipped back to class and carefully wrote the temperature on the board.  This must have been part of a Science lesson, since I only did it once.

It was also this time that I discovered the wonders of the nurse's office.  All you had to do was tell the teacher you had a headache and you could go take a nap for an hour.  How wonderful!  Unfortunately, I chose to do it too many times in a row, and my mother intervened.  I was only allowed to go to the office twice a month, unless I had a temperature or was in OBVIOUS pain.

The Infamous Phonics Disaster also occurred this time:  If you left your workbook at home, Mrs. M let you read a book.  I was in the middle of a particular exciting chapter in By The Banks of Plum Creek, and was having trouble locating my Phonics book in my very messy desk.  Just when I'd given up, I spotted it near the back.  Disappointed, I covered it back up and prepared to spend the next few minutes reading.  But 'Miss Popular', whose desk was behind mine, had spotted my book and tried to loudly point out where it was.  I tried to shush her, but the teacher had heard and came over.  I had to pretend to be surprised at the sight of it buried under papers and grudgingly got to work, seething with anger at the other girl.

Not sure what we did for Valentine's Day, other than the usual cards taken to school and my mother giving me a card and a chocolate candy heart.

Next Month:  Spring Break!

Present Day:
We received an inch of snow Wednesday night, and thankfully it melted yesterday.  I wrote 900+ words on my Heart of Braden story, and maybe 100 more on SaLie's.  I hope to get back to both stories today.

Karaoke Songs:
I Can't Dance-Genesis
I Can't Hold Back-Survivor
I Don't Want To Fight-Tina Turner

Have a great weekend!

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