Friday, February 20, 2015

Flashback Friday: Back To Work!

Feb 1995:
With the spouse home all the time, I soon grew tired of having him around all the time, plus living off unemployment.  We'd eaten several times at our local Sirloin Stockade, so one day I walked in, found the manager we'd gotten to know, and demanded he hire me.  Turned out they were having a training session that evening, so I filled out the application, went home, told D what I'd done, then went back for the training session.

Financially, it worked out.  My tips covered the daily expenses, such as milk or quick grocery runs, and my paychecks covered the electric bill.  We used his weekly unemployment checks for the rent and groceries.

That first night, we had a record crowd, and I was soon given my own two rows of customers.  But I'd worn the wrong socks with my work shoes, so it wasn't long before my big right toe was in agony.  I'd even asked Todd for an advance on my pay, so I could go get a larger size shoe.  He refused, so I put up with the pain.

At the end of the shift, Todd complimented me on a good first night, and remarked how they'd not had that large of a crowd before.  I told him my history of larger than usual crowds on my debut night, and he joked, "You're fired.  Come back tomorrow!"

I went home and soaked my aching feet, then wore panty hose instead of black socks.  It eased the pain in my toe, but the damage had been done.  I would fight a painful ingrown toenail for the next ten months.

Present Day:
NiKoh's edits are finished!  Received round 1 Wednesday night, and sent them back yesterday afternoon.  Then the final round arrived in the evening, with only two things needing addressed.  Sent them back last night, and NiKoh is off to the proofreader!  Now, still waiting on cover art...and to see if maybe we need to tie up one slight possible loose end.  I might be able to address it in SaLie's book.

Projected Release Date is April 13th, though I'm hoping it will arrive before April 3rd, the day I travel to Madison, In for the Author's Fair.

Don't know if I'll make it to karaoke tomorrow or not; our truck may not be ready until Monday.  I'm bummed....we've had 7 inches of snow this week; schools have been cancelled every day; payday was Wed, and I haven't hardly left the house, except for a whirlwind trip through Walmart Wednesday morning for emergency lunch fixings.  I'm dying to eat something I've not had to cook myself.

If by some miracle I AM able to go, I'll sing the following:
I Don't Want To-Toni Braxton
I Don't Want To Live W/O You-Foreigner
I Can't Drive 55-Sammy Hagar

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