Wednesday, February 25, 2015

HDH #1

I've not participated in this for quite a while, but today I'd like to share a few lines from my latest release, Night Wind:

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” wheezed the man she'd knocked down.  Jeni turned her head and saw the half-dressed man push himself from the back of the sitting area couch.  “Greg, I heard your signal, man. What gives?”
“Sorry Sam.  She had her key out before I could say anything.”  Greg helped Jeni to her feet.  “Sam, this is Jeni, assistant manager.  Sam Malone, Aiden's bass player.”
“Sam Malone?  As in-” Jeni shut her mouth.
“Yeah, yeah, same as Ted Danson's character in Cheers.  My parents have a sense of humor.”

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