Friday, February 27, 2015

Flashback Friday: Chick Magnet #2 and 'New' Pick Up Line!

Feb 2005:
K was now in Pep Band (the school was small, so no separate band for basketball games), and I insisted we take in a game in order to watch him play.  When I was in HS, it was not unusual for parents to sit near the band section of the bleachers, so that's where I chose to seat my family.

Oops...we soon discovered the student section was in front of us.  Again, no big deal for me, but the spouse hated it.  However, this presented a wonderful opportunity for my 11 m/o Youngling!

The girls who knew me fawned over him, shared their popcorn, and even let him sit with him during cheers.

During the 3rd quarter Pep Band break, K took him around to show him off, and as we discovered later, used his little 'Mini-Me Chick Magnet' to collect email addresses from cute girls!  The spouse and I joked the new pick up line was not, "Can I have your number?  I lost mine..."  but now "If you give me your email address, I'll send you a picture of you holding this cute little boy."

I think he must have collected at least ten email addresses, and even more when we attended a Monrovia game and he got to see his football buddies from the previous two years.

Present Day:

My first five copies of Hotel Stories arrived yesterday!  We're having Open Mic Night tomorrow evening at the Open Gallery, so I'm hoping to read a short excerpt from my story, Night Wind, as well as one from either NiKoh or Heart's Last Chance.

We'll also have copies on hand to sell, so yay!

Then it will be off for a short karaoke session to celebrate.  I can't stay long, since I have to sing at 8am service, then spend all afternoon in heavy Requiem practice.  Here's how Sunday's schedule will go, if you're interested:

-7:30am:  Arrive in choir loft
-9 am:  Return home to get Youngling
-9:30am:  Take Y to REP.  Return home.
-10:45:  Return to church for 11am service
-12pm:  Service over; time for quick lunch
-12:30:  Spouse drops me off for Requiem practice; 'staging' practice', so we'll know how to get on and off the stage, plus when to sit down
-1pm:  Practice with HS singers
-2pm:  Break while soloists and orchestra practice
-3pm:  Dress rehearsal with orchestra
-4pm:  Doors open
-4:30:  We take stage; concert begins
-6pm-ish: Birthday dinner for Youngling (he'll be 11) with my dad, who is coming down to watch performance:)

So What's On Tap For Karaoke?
Doing a Cher Tribute:
Dark Lady
I Got You Babe
I Found Someone
You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me

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