Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yes! Right Choice This Time!

Celebrity Apprentice wrapped up last night, and I was hoping Leeza would win, and she did:)  She also kicked Geraldo's butt in the fundraising ($300+ to his $140-something), and won the task.  Aside from that, several things still bugged the crap out of me:

-'Phonegate':  When asked, Kenya threw her makeup artist under the bus.  I still say she did it.

-Kenya:  Her sticky-sweet kissing up made me nearly go into a diabetic coma.  She had her head so far up Trump's butt, I'm surprised we could even see her.

-Kate:  Can't the woman make a decision without sounding like a teenager who's afraid to stand up for herself?  Geez...

-Trump's Treatment of Keisha:  1st, he mispronounced her name.  Then later, when he corrected her, he cut her off.  If you don't respect someone, why invite them back on the show?

-Shawn's MIA w/o Comment From Anyone:  Sig was also MIA, but then again, he's in the middle of Opilio season.  I don't know why Shawn wasn't there.

In Other News.....
Valentine's Day was enjoyable.  I baked all afternoon, with 'help' from the granddaughter, who tested the limits of my patience by dumping in the brown sugar before I was entirely ready.  It was maybe a millimeter or two shy of a cup when I had to open a new bag.  Just after I opened it, she dumped the packed sugar into the melted butter.  Sigh....

The spouse went with me to karaoke, where I sang the 'anti-love' list.
Faithfully (nailed it!)
Are You Happy Now (little flat at times)
If I Could Turn Back Time (good)
I Hate Myself For Loving You (duet with another girl; we rocked the bar!)
Don't Stop Believing (sang the high notes on the chorus for another girl; again, we rocked the place!)
Better Dig Two  (nailed it!)

Then we went to Denny's, and took a short drive before heading home.

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