Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wrong Decision!

I just finished watching last night's Celebrity Apprentice, and I'm furious again.  Not because of the 1st task...I was thrilled Kenya was finally fired.  Once again, The Donald didn't listen.

The teams were tasked with writing jingles.  Team Vortex did a wonderful job, and rightly won.

Team Infinity faltered....badly.

Ian's jingle was catchy, and yes, needed a different tune, since I'm not sure Anheiser Busch needs 'La Cucaracha' to be tied to their brand (LOL!).  Brandy didn't like Ian's attitude, so she went with Johnny's.  Ian was worried it was 'too wordy', and that's exactly what the executives thought it was.

But in the boardroom, after Team Vortex left, Ian was asked about his jingle, and immediately The Donald jumped all over it, complaining about the tune.  Ian TRIED to explain he fully expected to change the tune, but The Donald wouldn't listen and fired him.

If Ian could have been allowed to press his case, and I'll admit, he might have, but ended up on the editing floor, IF The Donald would have slowed down and LISTENED to him, MAYBE Ian would still be there?  There could have been an Ian/Vivica vs Geraldo/Leeza  or Men-vs-Women?

Then in a twist, The Donald fired Johnny, since he'd written the losing jingle, then Brandi, for being Project Manager.  One loss and Team Infinity dissolved.

The final 3:  Vivica, Geraldo, and Leeza.  Can't wait to see who goes head to head!

For the record, I DO believe Kenya stole Vivica's phone.  It was never addressed whether or not she ever 'found' it, but I hope she did!

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