Friday, September 8, 2017

Blindsided! #BB19

Brief Recap:
Christmas is HOH and nominated 'Jalex'....Paul won the POV and pulled Alex off; Christmas  put up Kevin in her place.  'Jalex' thinks Kevin is the target, so nice and calm.  Josh starts to stress over having to send Jason to the Jury house.

Julie revealed it was double-eviction night!  Jason is sent out the door, much to his surprise.  Angry, he stormed out, then asked Julie if he could go back in 'for just 5 more minutes'.

"For everyone's safety, I think you're better off out here."

During the goodbye videos, Josh tearfully told him about the plan.  Paul, not knowing this, lied about it, leaving Jason fuming that he'd been duped.

Alex won the HOH and nominated Kevin and Raven.  Josh won the POV, but left the nominations the same.  Paul and Christmas voted Raven; Josh threw his vote to Kevin.

Raven was also stunned when she found herself going to Jury.

Special Announcement:
BB Celebrity will be played this winter!  Whoo hoo!  Not sure if they mean veterans or actual celebrities....hopefully no Kardashians!  Please god, no!

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