Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Crybaby Josh....Really Jury? #BB19

Brief Recap:
The final 3 were set....Paul, Christmas, and Josh........

Finale Begins:
Paul won the endurance comp of holding onto the unicorn's tail.

Christmas and Josh squared off in a timed competition, and Josh only beat Christmas by about 5 minutes.  I think C's injured foot slowed her down.

J and P did the 'how well do you know the jury' comp, and I don't know if P choked, or if he thought maybe it would be better if J made the final elimination, but P lost by 2 points.

Josh contemplated voting out Paul, but as the two men considered jury votes, they realized C might beat both of them.  So at the final elimination vote, J tearfully voted out C.

Dr. Will In The House!
Dr. Will Kirby led the jury discussion.  Everyone agreed J cried and bullied his way to the final, as well as was 'carried' by Paul.

Christmas was 'carried' to the final, yet had an outstanding social game.

Paul skillfully manipulated everyone.

Final Tally:
Co (tie-breaker)-J.

I soooooooooo think Paul was robbed of winning by a 'sour grapes' jury!  The ONLY time Josh won anything was when P convinced everyone to THROW it to him!!!!

America's Favorite Player:
It came down to Cody, Jason, and Kevin.  Winner was Cody.  Again, WTH?????  Jason's wife is expecting!!!

Surprisingly, Jess did NOT show up with another man, and was still aching to be in Cody's arms.

Sigh....this ends the most volitile season I've ever watched.  BB Celebrity Edition takes place this winter; I'm sincerely hoping no one with the initials 'KK' or 'KJ', or even 'B/CJ' end up in the house!  I may not watch......

Oh who am I kidding?

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