Thursday, September 7, 2017

Shut Up Josh....#BB19

Brief Recap:
Due to Puppet Master Paul, Christmas, the one with the broken foot, managed to win the BB Track Meet.  She nominated Alex and Jason. 

Alex couldn't remember if she was supposed to throw the POV comp, so she and Paul ended up going six rounds in a tie-breaker before she answered differently from him, and lost.  The star of the new sitcom, Me, Myself, and I hosted, and now Paul and probably another guest of his choice, will get to go backstage at a taping of the show.  Since Josh is a HUGE fan of the guy, I hope he is chosen.

I did have some respect for the guy; he's hip to the fact that everyone is blinded by Paul, and not thinking for themselves!

Josh Starts To Freak Out:
Jason tossed out a casual teaser to Josh..."So I guess you and Christmas are in an alliance..." which, btw, was totally off the cuff, but Josh began to wonder if Paul was throwing him under the bus.  He whined to Christmas, who tried to reassure him, but J wasn't listening.  C then 'scolded' him and pretty much treated him like a child, instead of pulling him up to the HOH room, locking the door, and telling him the strategy.  Instead, she left the room when Raven wandered in, which left him feeling like a hurt 3 year old.

Later, up in the HOH room, C and P tried again to reassure J, but by now, the guy's worst enemy is his head.  He's so much into himself and his pity-party, he can't think straight!  It was probably very theraputic Monday night on BBAD, when he 'vented' to the camera and talked about everything he suspected Paul of doing.  He's right on some accounts, and very wrong on others.

Paul used the Veto on Alex, and Kevin went up, pissing off Josh.  So who will go home, Jason or Kevin?  Will it be a tie, broken by Christmas?  I soooooo want Kevin to go home!!!!!!

Double Eviction Night Ahead!
Will it be Jason, followed by Kevin, or Kevin, followed by Raven?  Tune in tonight!

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