Sunday, September 3, 2017


Brief Recap:
Matt was sent packing; rain delayed the HOH competition.

From watching BBAD, we "know" that Christmas is the HOH and Paul has the POV.  We just don't know how it happened.

BB Track Meet:
Okay; I'm confused.  A foot race?  How can Christmas win a foot race?

Paul reveals his 'master plan' for either Josh or Christmas to win the next HOH.  Alex said she'd throw it ONLY if Kevin did it first.  Paul managed to convince Kevin to throw it, then got Alex and Raven on board.  Then they took their positions.....and wondered how to make it look convincing.

They didn't.

Kevin false-started.....then Alex did the same.....followed by Raven.  Paul executed a sloppy (okay, ALL of them were sloppy, no matter how they tried to appear otherwise!) and was eliminated, leaving Josh and Christmas.  She wanted to race, and told Josh to trip.  But he decided to do a stupid trip-false-start, and so yes, the girl on crutches won a TRACK MEET!

Calming Down Kevin:
Paul convinced K to lay low, but when he did his daily walk around the yard with Jason, he began to wonder if he was the target, since J seemed to think so.  Back to Paul, who says otherwise.  Esp when he caught Alex, Josh, and Paul 'celebrating'.  Paul assures him the plan will be revealed soon; just stay in your room, read your Bible, and in essence, shut the hell up.

Honest vs Sneaky Game:
Alex volunteered to be a pawn.  Now, be straight up about it and nominate Jason, or be sneaky and nominate either Josh or Kevin?  Christmas decided to be honest, and Jason was shocked to see his face on the wall.  He's not too happy, but there's still the Veto comp.  Again, we 'know' P has it, but we'll wait and see!

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