Friday, September 1, 2017

Sept Reading Schedule

Does anyone else think August flew by?  I resolved to do the following things last month:
-'Reclaim' my house  Check!
-Do well at the Watermelon Festival  Check....sold 5:)
-Dr. appts for myself and two kids need better insurance.....
-Pay for Labor Day show Decided not to do it this year.
-Pay for Sept 16th show  Check:)
-Pay for KABB  Decided to skip this year, due to lack of funds.
-Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song, Ch 1 of RiKar's story  No to HS; am halfway through Ch. 1 of to RR!
-Change hero's name in Spirit Pottery Check:)
-Find out about publishing status with Stardust Check!  Eretos, offshoot of Stardust/Hydra
-Clear more in brown/green houses and storage unit Not yet....
-Family pics on the 17th.  Check!  Looking GOOD!  I have one good-looking family....;)

I did pretty well this month, including tolerating some family drama, and being called out as a narcissist by an intrusive family member who really needs to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Books Read:  5
           Print:  2
        E-book:  3
            DNF:  1

Weight:  Began the month at 244 (somehow gained 12 pounds at Mom's-yikes!); ended with 239. Trying to follow a modified version of the Keto diet; guess it's somewhat working!

Karaoke Songs Added:  11
                            Thurs:  4
                                 Sat:  7

September Goals:
-Do well at 1st Friday  Sold 4:)
-Do well at Community Yard Sale  Sold 4:)
-Do well at Eminence Harvest Fest  Sold 9:)
-Spend a productive week at Mom's LOL....was simply her chauffeur! Check:)
-Find out status of both Teacher's Pet and Anderson quad  TP:  New cover and arriving later this month!!!  UPDATE:  New cover is here, and blurb needs reworked.  Ready for formatting!
-Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song
-Write Ch. 2 of Rikar's Redemption
-Finalize plans for Imaginarium  Check:)
-Make another payment for Christmas Show  Check:)  Now just need $60 more....
-Continue emptying green/brown houses  Green house is nearly empty:)
-Continue to empty storage unit

Sept Reading Schedule:
Tomb of the Moon-NE Riggs
Touches of June-LoRee Peery  Interesting book; only one tiny detail left me scratching my head.

Mann Cakes-Mysti Parker  DRR!  LOVED this book, esp the 1st few pages of Ch. 11!  VERY good:)
Bobby Hernandez-Jean Joachim  RR!  Enjoyed the story:)

Karaoke Songs:
When You Close Your Eyes-Night Ranger Nailed it:)
Exes and Ohs-Elle King Did well!
When You Say Nothing At All-Alison Krauss Was cheered; did well, but mixed up some notes.
When You Wish Upon A Star-Linda Ronstadt  Did well!
Life on the Moon-David Cook DNH
When You're Gone-Avril Levigne DNH
Alone-Heart (redemption/signature song) Think I nailed it; couldn't hear myself
My Church-Maren Morris  Nailed it!
Where Did Our Love Go-Supremes  Nailed it, but camera malfunctioned.  Will sing again next week
Coming Around Again-Carly Simon Nailed it!
Where Everybody Knows Your Name-Cheers Theme LOL....will only do this once!
Where Have All The Cowboys Gone-Paula Cole  Not too bad...

No Way Out-Starship DNH
Nobody's Fool-Cinderella Did well!  Was even complimented:)
Nobody's Fool-Kenny Loggins Slightly rough, but sounded good!
Nobody's Home-Avril Levigne DNH
Not A Day Goes By-Lonestar Verses too low; chorus good:)
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now-Starship DNH
Not Gonna Be The One-Olivia Newton-John  DNH
Nothing Compares 2 U-Sinead O'Connor Nailed it:)
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You-Glenn Mediros  DNH
November Rain-G-N-R Not too bad:)
Not Broken Anymore-Blue October DNH
Now And Forever-Air Supply DNH
Now And Forever-Richard Marx Ugh....too low!
Nowhere To Go-Melissa Etheridge DNH
Nowhere To Run-Martha and the Vandellas Slightly rough; did well on chorus.
Obsession-Animotion  Not too bad; sang this with Elaine.
Ode To Billy Joe-? Did well:)
Oh Sherrie-Steve Perry Nailed it!  Changed it to 'Oh Kelly' and 'Oh Jimmy', lol!
On and On-Stephen Bishop Slightly low, but okay.
Nothin' But A Good Time-Poison Sang it with Bill, who rather drowned me out, lol!  Still, a fun song.

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