Friday, September 1, 2017

Last Showmance Broken Up....For Now #BB19

Brief Update:
Jason holds all the power-HOH and won the POV Wednesday.  He royally pissed off the entire house, sans Kevin, by keeping his nominations the same.

'Maven' Explodes
Jason seems to be experiencing some temporary Big Brother amnesia.  We all heard him whisper to Raven he would pull her off.  When she confronted him about it, he first 'hid' in the storage room, then claimed he didn't remember saying it.  Raven was furious and in tears; Matt went on the attack against Jason, calling him a coward for hiding in the storage room, then calling him out for his broken promise.  Later, when tempers cooled, Matt revealed he'd done it strictly to paint the target on his back, and off of Raven's.

Round #2 arrived when Christmas, Kevin, and Josh got into it over Kevin's loyalty.  Christmas and Josh confronted Kevin about the $25 K which brought Paul back into the house.  Kevin denied it, but wouldn't swear to it.  However, he DID swear on his kids' heads about not being one of the rogue votes, which pretty much confirmed he was $25K richer!

Bye-bye Matt....have fun in Jury and see you again later this month.

HOH Comp.....delayed?
Rain caused the competition to be delayed, so we'll find out Sunday, or try to figure it out from watching BBAD.

See you back here on Monday!

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