Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jason, Jason, Jason....#BB19

Brief Update:
Jason and Alex battled for HOH before she finally let him have it.  He nominated Matt and Raven, telling them the plan w,as to back-door Kevin.  They believed him.

POV Challenge:
The annual Trash-The-House-While-Looking-For-The-Veto-Cards!
Raven hid hers in a seat cushion (Jason found it last)
Matt hid his under a couch arm (Raven found it 2nd)
Kevin stashed his in a pillow (think Raven found it 3rd)
Paul stashed his inside his shirt, hung it up, then placed a leather jacket around it (Matt found it 4th)
Josh placed his behind the freezer (Jason found it 1st)
Jason stashed his inside the couch cushion in the living room.  No one found it, he wins POV!

Kevin spent the entire challenge complaining about the way the others turned the house upside down.  Really???  It's a game, yeah, you'll have to spend some time cleaning.  Just be glad no one did what the previous Kevin did, and empty the cereal and other food all over the kitchen floor!

Josh unearthed 'Maven's condom stash and wigged out about it!  You're all adults; surely you don't think 'Maven' is really just snuggling and talking all the time?  With all the cereal Matt's eating, he has to work it off somehow....;)

The Sting of Betrayal
After the nomination ceremony, Jason whispered to Raven, "Don't worry; we'll win this and pull you off."

Alex and Paul were strongly urging him to pull Raven off and put up Kevin.  But Jason spilled the beans to Kevin about the plan, who freaked out and pulled the friendship card, and begged him not to.  Jason was starting to get suspicious about Alex and Paul's motives for getting Kevin out, and went with his gut.

He kept the noms the same, which royally upset everyone.  I can't wait to find out what fireworks he set off.

While watching BBAD the other night, we saw that Raven had thrown cinnamon all over Matt; whether this was from a fight between the two of them, or her rage was directed at Jason and Matt happened to get in the way.....we'll find out tonight!

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