Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: Marriage Proposal and Tribute For the Goddess arrived yesterday! I reread Tribute, and discovered I'd actually made it farther through the book than originally thought before the disk crashed on me:) Good job, Brynn! I also reread a portion of MPR and can't wait to give it to my mom! I've already raved about the 'poking', and Mom's looking forward to it.

I'm up to page 152 on the One Touch, One Glance antho. Some stories are fantastic, and others nearly have me in tears. I'm going to have to investigate more author's websites to find their back lists. Great job, ladies!

On We're Cutting Class After May 26!
Lexington Middle School Anal Exams May 27, 28, 29
Last Day of School May 29
sign outside a middle school-which was supposed to read 'Final Exams'

I thought this was appropriate, since this past week was our last day of school!

When I first joined the yahoo groups, chats were popular. In fact, my kids complained during my first official chat, because they weren't used to only seeing the back of my head for an entire evening. Being the chat virgin, I tried to respond to many posts with questions or comments. And my TBB list grew to an enormous proportion.

As the weeks went on, I continued to read every digest, but soon found myself skimming over them, looking for authors I knew. Sometimes the email was deleted without even being read. And soon I was invited to join other groups, and soon was so overwhelmed with email digests, I simply started deleting them without even opening it. I have a few favorites I checked in daily, but for the most part, I concentrated on my writing and blogging.

When edits occurred, I went 'No Mail' on nearly all my loops, but now I've ventured back. I've attended maybe five chats in the past several months, and I've noticed participation has dropped off. I had a blast with only two or three of the chats, with steamy excerpts, fun questions, enjoyable conversations. But on a few chats, the authors seemed to post and run, too busy to chat. One chat was even cut short because nobody showed up except myself.

So my question is, have authors decided that chatting doesn't build sales? Are we too busy to talk to potential readers? Has blogging become the new chatting?

And yes, I still get the 'You're not working; you're on the computer!' complaints. 'Are you getting paid?' 'How do you know you're selling any books?' And when I stepped away briefly to get a drink of tea, my 17-yr-old sat down to answer the phone and nearly choked when he saw the links at the end of the page!

' the bottom of your chat, there are links to online sex sites!' and began reading them to his buddy on the other end.

'I don't look at those, and besides, you're not over age eighteen and female.'

(To his buddy) 'My mom's on a chat loop and there's porn on it! Yeah...she writes it too.'

Teenage boys...

Have no idea what we're doing today. With the spouse home and the kids home, I've lost track of what day it is! Hopefully next week will be better. I've not even been on my FaceBook site much this week!

We did get some good news from the hall: When this wet system gets out of here, there's enough construction jobs to clear both the A and B boards (hubby's #53 on the A board!)! So rain, rain, go can rain anywhere in Indiana EXCEPT for the job site!

In other news...
Oreo was neutered on Thursday, and came home yesterday:) Poor cat looks at us accusingly and spent nearly the entire day curled up in his favorite window.

Kids are now out of school and daugher has already been to the pool.

W had his first playdate and has been invited back:) On the night-time potty-traing, we reluctantly returned to the overnight diapers, since he managed to shove the plastic aside two nights in a row. We are definitely going to need a new couch soon...remember that Seinfeld episode? We're also investigating some sort of trundle/rollaway bed for him.

Have a good weekend!


Carol Preflatish said...

How about it can rain anywhere in Indiana except your hubby's job site and MY HOUSE. I have got to get the rest of my garden out tomorrow. If it rains today, it will still be too muddy tomorrow. After I get it planted, it can rain.

Sandra Cox said...

Good for you for getting Oreo altered.

Anny Cook said...

On the chats... I find that interest in chats sort of comes in waves. Sometimes there's a lot of readers... two or three weeks later there are none.

I have a chat around the time I have a new book releasing. It seems that chats are really most useful when introducing a new book while reminding readers of your backlist.

Many chats are not "chats" so much as a featured author posting a bunch of excerpts--either their own or their friends. So really, there isn't much to do there.

It really depends on what your purpose is.