Thursday, August 11, 2011

Turning Cartwheels:)

Currently Reading:  Finished Susan Wiggs' At The King's Command and At The Queen's Summons and found myself skimming most of it, though I enjoyed reading the first half of both books.  And admittedly, I read most of the first one.  Maybe if the middle book had been available at the library, I would have enjoyed the 2nd half of the 3rd one more.  I figured out who Pippa's parents might be around page 100, but was not satisfied with the ending.  I was hoping for more of an explanation of the Gypsy saying.  Or maybe I missed it in the skimming.  Who knows?  I may purchase these books at a later date and reread them.  If you like historicals, then you might enjoy them.  Recommended With Reservations.

It's the first day of school!

Kids are GONE!

Whoo hoo!  Seven uninterrupted hours!!

Now if I could just get the spouse to find a hobby...or leave the house for several hours....

We already discussed going to Denny's (personally, I'd rather go to BW3 for lunch!), but decided to wait until next month.  We have to drive CK to Purdue this weekend and money's already a little tight.  So he's gone back to bed, and I'm in front of the computer, getting ready to edit Ch 4 some more on Love Finds A Way.  I've already added 1K to the MS; making a LOT of changes!

Update on Dish:
Called them; they are 'in negotiations with the provider, since they've increased their price in order for us to carry the channel...' But I also lucked out and FOUND they are playing several episodes from 3-5 in the afternoon!  I've already set them to record for today and tomorrow.  I'll check later to see if the programming is switched, as there are at least one episode per day I've got recording.

I've also spent 20 minutes on the phone yesterday and Tuesday with Coleman Customer Service, and still never got through.  I finally went to their site and emailed them.  Our airbed, purchased in May, as sprung a few 'threads', for lack of a better description.  The thing, fully inflated, looks as if it's pregnant on one side.  It's under warranty, and since CK tossed the box last month (with the warranty info), I don't know where to send it for repairs.  And their site is no help, and neither, it seems, is their toll-free number!  Maybe if I try when they first open, rather than right after lunch?  I'll set the timer for an hour.  They are on Central time, and I'm on Eastern.  Very frustrating.


Unknown said...

Enjoy your semi-quiet day! :)

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Amber:) Still trying to find a working schedule...

Linda Kage said...

I know someone who used to work for a store that sold Coleman products. They were pretty good there about replacing products because once he took home a cooler that had been returned by a customer and Coleman replaced. After fixing the broken latch, they had themselves a pretty awesome cooler!! Hope you get a new mattress!