Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby K Meets Gramma Jeanne:)

New Year's 1992:
The weather cooperated and let us travel two hours south so our little guy could meet his other relatives.  In the past three weeks, he'd shown his preference for the rubber nipples instead of breastfeeding; he had his days and nights mixed up; and his 'comfort zone' was like his father's when it came to bundling up.  This 'comfort zone' proved to become a battle of wills in the coming years, beginning with 10pm on Jan 1, 1992.

He'd been charming his grandmother with his cuddly ways, and tolerating being passed around, even taking a nap on Grandma's bed with her two cats.  Picture this:  I'd dressed him in a red reindeer sleeper; his little bald head atop Grandma's while chenille bedspread covered lightly with a blue blanket from his shoulders down.  One black and white cat curled up by his feet; another black one curled up on one of the pillows I'd 'barricaded' around him.

Anyway, after his last bottle of the evening, he began to fuss.  Grandma decided to swaddle him tight, causing his cries to grow more vocal.  I told her she had him wrapped too tight; Grandma snorted.

"I've never seen a child yet who can't be comforted by wrapping them up.  This house is drafty and you didn't pack enough warm clothes for him."

The SU joined the conversation.  "Mom, he doesn't like to be hot.  He's happier when he's not all wrapped up or bundled."

She paid no attention, and the more she tried to cuddle him, wrap him, or rock him, the more he fussed.  Forty-five minutes later, she finally grew tired and unwrapped him.

" want to get sick?  Fine; I'll take these off and we'll see how soon you'll be wanting your blankie."

K promptly threw out his arms, heaved a big sigh, and fell asleep.

Grandma's mouth fell open.  "Well I never!"

"Told you, can't wrap him up!"

Twenty years later, this child still prefers to walk around the house in shorts and T-shirt, no matter what the weather!

Present Day:
Having another 'battle of wills' with the daughter.  She's bound and determined to make a very bad choice, and I'm doing everything in my power to get her back on track.  So please keep us in your prayers?

Have a good weekend; we're currently under a winter weather advisory, and sleet/freezing rain is supposed to arrive later today, then be back in the 50's for the weekend.  Welcome to winter in Indiana....


Linda Kage said...

Praying for your daughter to turn out okay no matter what choice she makes.

And still shivering over that son who won't put anything warmer on. BRR!

Happy Friday.

Molly Daniels said...

I should point out that 'unwrapped' meant simply loosening his blankets:) He liked to sleep in the drawstring nighties w/o his socks (I'd always find them off his feet) and just one light blanket. He couldn't stand to be all wrapped up...but now he does. So go figure....