Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Happenings:)

First of all, it looks as if we'll be welcoming Miss Alexandria Nicole into our family June 11th:)  The SU is already planning to get the little pink 'beginner' rifle for her, much to the daughter's disgust....she would prefer if the color pink disappear from the color wheel, having shunned anything in that hue since the tender age of three.

I know these tests aren't always accurate; a friend's sister has a sonogram picture of her daughter's 'penis' circled.  So there's always a chance 'Alex' will pop out 'Anthony'.  Feel free to place any bets/cast your vote, etc:)

Ever wonder how Arbor U got its name?  Ever wonder how one tiny story can evolve into a 14-book series?  I'm guest posting over at Tina Donahue's blog today, so come over, say hi, and get a sneak peek at book #3, Forbidden Love, which is due out in a few weeks.

No karaoke tonight; we have a basketball game at 8pm, plus the weather is supposed to be nasty after midnight.  Snow, wind, and dropping temps....I think I'll stay home, be warm, and sleep.

Youngling came through his second dental appointment with flying colors, and I returned him to school just in time for lunch.  I managed 400 words on that zombie story yesterday and doubled that amount today, so hopefully this means I'm back on track:)

That's all the news at the moment, so check back tomorrow.  And stay warm, if temps are dipping below freezing!


Amber Skyze said...

Good luck with Alex. :) Oh to be young again. lol

Stay warm.

Linda Kage said...

Aww, a little girl. Congrats.