Monday, January 16, 2012

Reading Update

I'v e had some time on my hands the past two weeks, being unable to get near a computer or even some days to even sit up:)  That's what a bad cold-turned-bronchitis will do to a person.  So here's a list of books I've read lately.

Print Books:
Playing The Game by Barbara Taylor Bradshaw:  Really enjoyed this one!  Left me guessing, though I figured out part of it.  And since I'm a BTB fan, giving this one a Definite Recommended Read:)

Holly by Jude Deveraux:  This was good, but I felt she was slightly condescending and snobby toward 'a certain class of people'.  Otherwise, good suspense toward the end:)  If you're a fan of Jude's contemporary novels, pick it up.

That Boy From Trash Town by Billie Green:  I had to keep reminding myself this was copy written 1992 and a Silhouette Special Edition.  I was frustrated by the lack of seemingly sexual tension, but the story was good and I did learn that Nora Roberts once wrote for this company.  At the back was an ad for a trilogy of books I'd like to find by her, if they are still available.  If you liked Silhouette romances in the early '90's, go get this one if you can find it.  It has a really sweet ending:)

Feral Lust by Mia Watts:  Excellent book!  An M/M Regency, and very enjoyable:)  Definite Recommended Read, esp if you like the M/M genre.

Twelve Nights by Katie Blu:  I'm going to have to check; I think I finished reading this one before my e-reader crashed on me....Really enjoyed it, especially the interactions between the two main characters, when the hero didn't realize whom he was actually dealing with for romance advice!  Very well done and another Definite Recommended Read:)

Found On Granny's Bookshelf:

What Everyone Should Know:  A fascinating encyclopedia/dictionary/reference book for everything from treating an Abscess to how to drive away Rats; from Visiting the Sick to how to make potato Yeast.  Copyright 1884. (No, I did NOT read this; just flipped through it!)

A 1st Edition Children's Literary version of Little Women.  I've spotted several things left out, and I'm up to where the Marches have befriended Laurie and now Beth is screwing up her courage to go try out the piano.  And since this version is in much better shape than my original copy (which is -ahem- buried in a box somewhere downstairs), I'm rereading my favorite book.

Joshua and the City:  I was bored with this two chapters in, so might pick it up again later.

So what about you?  Read any good books over the holidays?  And go vote for your faves over at the LRC Best of Awards.


anny cook said...

Nora's early ones are slowly being put up as e-books. Check there first. She wrote for them for YEARS.

Just finished PREY by Linda Howard. Delish... :-)

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks for the heads up:)

Mia Watts said...

Thank you for the two recommended reads!! (Katie Blu) :)

I used to love Jude Devereaux, but somewhere along the way, her writing style changed. I never got passed it and I miss her early years historicals.

Molly Daniels said...

You're welcome:) I'm soooo happy to have more Katie books coming:)