Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Release Day Mania...

Once upon a time, long ago on a university campus in Indiana, nineteen-year-old Molly was bored.  When one of her roommates burst into the room and announced, "I need someone to be a blind date; Todd's AF buddy is in town...", Molly said she'd go, even after the roommate who usually partied with roommate #1 turned up her nose at the invite.

Two weeks and four dates later, plus three yelling matches, the AF officer left and Molly didn't think she'd ever see him again.  In July, her family took their annual three week vacation in Florida.  Before the flight, the attendants announced the flight was overbooked, and anyone willing to take a later flight would be rewarded with a free round-trip plane ticket to anywhere in the Continental US.

Three days later, while sitting by Tampa Bay, Molly reflected on those two weeks and wondered what would happen if her mother had agreed to let her get off the plane, and what the young officer's reaction would be if she showed up.  And if she was capable of writing something longer than a 20-page term paper!  Plus, she had been unable to find any romance books which dealt around the current college scene (she'd loved the Tobey Hayden series and the Pam and Penny series, but they were set in the 1950's!), so basically she decided to write the story she wanted to read.

The result is this fictional account.  She finished writing it in 1990, writing in spurts here and there....and along the way came up with an idea to make it a series, because....everyone has a story to tell.  And with permission from her friends, she kept writing.

By now, you've hopefully read Love On The Rocks, Elicia's story.  Here is Amy's story, with Stephanie and Gretchen making a cameo appearance.  You'll meet Matt, the commitment-shy AF officer; his good friends Geoff, Jason, Troy, and Kelly; and Amy's roommate Caitlyn.

"But wait....this story is already out!"

You're right!  This is the electronic re-release, with a better cover and better edited.  Enjoy!

Buy link: Available today from Secret Cravings


"I'm not changing my life. If they don't like it, they can stuff it." Matt moved his arm from her shoulders and reached for his cigarettes.

 "Sshhh, I'm not asking you to change." Amy tried to be tactful. "All I’m asking is that you not, er, curse so much."


 "Please?" She lifted her head to look him in the eye. "All I ask is that you clean up your vocabulary for a few hours while we're with my parents."

 "You want me to kiss ass." He lit the end of the cigarette and blew smoke toward the ceiling.

 "Not quite..., I just want you to make a good impression." Tears welled unexpectedly in her eyes. "This is important to me."

 "Oh, all right, I'll watch what I say next weekend. Can I smoke and drink beer, or is that also taboo?"

 "Stop it!" Amy sat up to escape the smoke.

 "What?" Matt gestured, waving the smoke toward his side of the bed.

 "You know what I mean. I'd rather you not smoke, but a few beers won't hurt. I'm not asking you to bend over backwards; all I want is for you to be civil with them."

 "I'm always civil."

 "I didn't mean it like that." Amy shifted onto her side. "I meant that sometimes, well, you have a tendency to act antisocial, as a know-it-all."

 "I do what?"

 Feeling herself losing ground, Amy groaned. The conversation wasn't going the way she'd hoped.
 "I would feel better if you and my parents were to start off on the right foot." She chose her words with care. "They have the stereotypical, California, military officer in their minds, and I don't want them judging you in that way."

 "Just out of curiosity, what exactly is the 'stereotypical, California, military officer'?" Matt sounded amused.

 Amy thought for a moment. "Promise you won't get upset? He's the dedicated officer, but loud, rude, and disrespectful when off duty. He's lazy, a womanizer, an alcoholic, and not someone to bring home."

 "So that's what your parents are expecting me to be." Matt crushed out his cigarette.
 "Not entirely. I've told them your good points, so they're not expecting Godzilla. Now, can we drop the subject and get some sleep?"

 "No, we can't."

 "Why not?"

 "Because." His voice lowered as he turned to her, his hand sliding down to cup her breast. "This military officer has a naked, sexy woman in his bed and wants to take advantage of the situation."

I'll be chatting tonight in two places tonight from 7-10pm:

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Now, for a super easy contest....Where does this series take place?

Leave me a comment and one lucky winner will receive their own copy of LFAW.  How painless was that? I'll select a random entry by Thursday or Friday.  I'm fighting a stupid cold, plus cleaning up the house from the holidays.  Yeah, I lead SUCH a glamorous life!


Harlie Reader said...

The series takes place at Arbor University in Indiana. :)


Harlie Reader said...

Congratulation on the release.

Chrisbails said...

Liked the excerpt and would love to finish the rest of the book. Congrats on the release and thanks for the chance to win.

Amber Skyze said...

Happy Release Day Molly! :)