Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashback Friday

Jan 1982:
I took my first ever end-of-the-semester finals and waited anxiously for the verdict:  Would I make the grades and be able to stay at JHS?  Or would my parents decide not to pay my tuition and send me back to the county schools?

Fortunately, my grades were good, and I was allowed to stay.  Friday and Saturday nights were spent in the cheer block and watching Brian play in the JV game, wincing whenever they lost.

B invited me to go to the gym after school to watch his practice, so I did.  The first time I showed up, he tried to make an impossible shot and I heard the coach say, "Quit trying to impress whoever's in the balcony and focus."


Class-wise, I was disappointed I didn't have any more classes with B.  Thanks to my mother's job, I was able to snoop and look up his schedule.  We had Biology and Health at the same time, but different teachers.  And I was alarmed when I discovered my Biology partner was one of B's friends!  But it turned out to be a blessing, because we would be dissecting animals this semester.  When the teacher asked if anyone HADN'T dissected the frog as a freshman, nobody raised their hands, so I kept mine down.  I didn't want to dissect anything if I could get away with it!  T happily did all the work, and I labelled everything.

I still had Algebra 4th period, and boring English composition 5th.  I hated doing English homework, and the one time I didn't get a story finished in class, the teacher refused to let me turn it in the next day.  I still have that story; one of these days I'll finish it.

6th period class was my favorite, next to working in the school library.  I was in a beginning band class, and our band director soon realized I was more advanced than the others.  For example, he'd let us pick what songs to practice, then study on our own before performing at the end of class.  Everyone else began at the front of the book; I always flipped to the harder ones at the back.  And this class was hard on me, emotionally, since ex-boyfriend K was in that class, and sneered about my friendship with B.  I also learned later the band director tried to move me into Concert Band, but my schedule wouldn't allow it.  So the rest of the semester, he gave me harder percussion pieces to try, and due to the IHSAA rules, I wasn't allowed to compete in the State Concert Band contest.  I would have to wait until the following year.  So in the meantime, I spent the semester familiarizing myself with the various percussion equipment.  I think K was jealous of the fact I was a better musician.

Present Day:
Sorry for posting this so late; I've managed to contract bronchitis again.

And go over to Kenzie's Place; she's got some fantastic news!  Also, don't forget to stop by The Writer's Evo on Sunday for a look at the four-legged family members:)

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