Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oops! Forgot One!

How on earth did I forget to include this one yesterday?

This another DEFINITE Recommended Read!  I loved Everything Lovers Can Know the first time I read it; I enjoyed it the 2nd, 3rd, 5th....you get the picture.  I love Anny Cook's Mystic Valley series, and have from the first time I read Dancer's Delight.  I was thrilled to also read the others in the series, and even more thrilled when ELCK and TR was combined into one book.  I like e-books, but I've realized some of the details don't stick well....or maybe it's because the first time I read the first four books in this series, I was doomed to reading them at the computer.

At any rate, having the first three books in print has hammered some of the details home, and I hope that the next three books will soon be in print, even though I've recently reread them on my Sony e-reader:)

Today's Agenda:
Took youngling to the dentist this morning.  For whatever reason, I looked in his mouth last Thursday and noticed one of his permanent teeth was coming up on the wrong side of his spacer.  The dentist removed the bilateral spacer and is replacing it with one on each side of his lower mouth.

Taking the daughter for an ultrasound today; we'll find out if we're having an Alexandria Nicole or Anthony Edward.  I'm torn; I just want the baby to be healthy, and that the baby daddy's mental issues skip this generation all together.

Then it's off to Cub Scouts.  I won't be going to Guild tonight, because we learned we're losing out Assistant Scout Master, who's our Scout Master's right arm....literally.  J's the one who plans everything and oversees the awards; T simply shows up and manages the kids.  Our Pinewood Derby is next week, and so this week is working on the cars and seeing who's qualified (or able) to step into J's shoes.  I found out at our planning meeting last week that we will be hosting the District PWD again, but J's the one who made everything run smoothly; all I did was rearrange the concession stand she set up, and took charge of it so she could coordinate elsewhere.

And on top of everything, we have weather issues today:  We started with a temp of 55, but a tornado warning; severe Thunderstorm warning, and dropping temps will make today tricky.  I don't mind rain, but if it switches to snow, then getting everyone to their appointments today is going to be dicey.  We're down to one car, so might have to take the youngling out of school early, so he and his dad don't have to walk home from school in a squall.  So right now, we're in a 'wait and see' mode.


Amber Skyze said...

A healthy baby is all that matters. :) Congrats either way.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Amber:) I talked her out of getting the test for her odds of Down's Syndrome..."Are you going to love the baby any less?"


"Then why worry about it?"

She has enough drama in her life at the moment; no need for more!

anny cook said...

Just catching up with life! Thank you so much for the shout out about the Mystic Valley books! I agree that reading paperback is a different experience.

I found that my editing experience is also very different on paper than it is on the computer screen. Studies prove the brain "reads" differently on paper.

As for the grandbaby...have been there. Know it's hard but relax. When that baby shows up, you'll wonder how you lived with him or her in your heart.